The overarching goal of the BSc Programme Committee (BSc PC) is to safeguard and stimulate the quality of education and to represent the community of students and staff in both RSM Bachelor Programmes: Business Administration and International Business Administration. To this end, the BSc PC discusses all issues related to education and provides advice to the Dean of Education. Topics include curriculum design, quality of teaching and examinations, study environment.

Role and Mission

The BSc PC plays an essential role in the quality control mechanisms of RSM. Its role and functions are defined in the Dutch Higher Education Act and can be summarized as follows:

  • giving advice on the teaching- and examination regulations (TER)
  • judging the (quality of) implementation of the TER
  • giving solicited or unsolicited advice to the Dean of Education on any issue regarding teaching and education.

The Dean of Education will discuss any new policies or education related decisions in advance with the BSc PC. In addition, the BSc PC can raise its own points related to the quality of education.


The BSc PC consists of five professors teaching in the bachelor programmes (BA and IBA), preferably from different disciplines, and five student members, following the programmes. Student members of the BSc PC are also Student Representatives ( and this way the BSc PC benefits from the advanced student feedback infrastructure of the Student Representative body.

Staff members

Student members

  • Carolin Esser - 1st year IBA
  • Patrick de Koning - 1st year BA
  • Kalina McCarthy– 2nd year IBA
  • Esther Jonckheere – 2nd year BA
  •  – 3rd year IBA
  • Jelle Sandifort – 3rd year BA

Meeting schedules


  • Annual report 2016 – highlights the activities of the BSc PC in the academic year 2015-2016
  • Annual report 2017 - highlights the activities of the BSc PC in the academic year 2016-2017


You can contact the BSc PC with questions or suggestions by writing an email to