Dr Inga Hoever

Associate Professor and Faculty Lead for Diversity & Inclusion

At RSM since: 2008-2012 as PhD candidate, since 2014 as faculty
Nationality: German

Portrait of Inga Hoever

Why did you choose to work at RSM?

“RSM is run very professionally, and provides opportunities for growth and experimentation. There’s also a strong focus on research excellence as evidenced both by the great group of researchers in my area of expertise and the generous research support.”

What has been your highlight of working here so far?

“The first time at RSM, it was defending my PhD – what an experience! And after working as a visiting professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, I came back to RSM and it was really exciting to make a change within the RSM community through a diversity task force.”

How does RSM compare to other places where you’ve worked?

“I really enjoy the group of excellent and enthusiastic scholars that I work with at RSM. Every day I arrive and see committed, enthusiastic and supportive colleagues.”

What are your interests outside of RSM?

“Family time is important to me. So with a toddler at home, we have lots of fun in the Rotterdam playgrounds. For the rest I enjoy veggie cooking, reading, traveling, and serving as a human pillow for our fantastic feline (who does not like it when we travel).”

What opportunities have you had at RSM that could have only happened here?

“What stands out for me as a faculty member of RSM and ERIM is the clear notion that if you have an idea you want to realise, there is a push to support you. Be it as a member of the RSM diversity task force – many suggestions of which were embraced by the school – or as a researcher looking for funds to develop an intriguing research idea – a search that has never remained futile for me here.”

In what ways are you a force for positive change?

“Probably like most people primarily through my personal choices, such as nutrition, consumption, or transportation. And at RSM I’m interested in how to get people to collaborate to solve complex problems with creative ideas in my research, and I teach students about leadership and team work. I hope that by facilitating peer feedback, students are able to have more effective and also more rewarding experiences when working together and making decisions.” 


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