Eva Rood

Director of RSM’s Positive Change initiative

At RSM since: 1998
Nationality: Dutch

Portrait of Eva Rood

Why did you choose to work at RSM?

“To be honest, I started at RSM more than 20 years ago because I needed a job, the biking distance was great, and my mom worked at the Erasmus School of Law for over 40 years. So the Woudestein campus was part of my youth. Then when I actually started, I discovered the distinctive features of Erasmus University’s business school RSM: the entrepreneurial spirit, the pride, the ambitious and very active students. I started as a programme manager, and have had several opportunities to grow and have other positions too. It was definitely a good choice to work here.”

What has been your highlight of working here so far?

“Working with and for young, ambitious and very talented students keeps me up to date with the current generation and is incredibly motivating and inspiring. I can’t summarise two decades of highlights in a few sentences, but I really enjoyed organising two ‘Big Business Administration Reunions’ in 2005 and 2010. Another big achievement was opening the Erasmus Sustainability Hub (2015), launching the ENABLE-project and all the transdisciplinary outputs it delivered, and creating 77 SDG videos and a MOOC, in collaboration with a huge amount of colleagues, students, alumni and corporate relations, professional services staff from different departments around the school and the university. Oh, and I received Erasmus University’s Top Support Award in 2017 for my work relating to sustainability themes. What an honour!”

Where did you work before, and how does RSM compare to that?

“I worked at the EMEA HQ of a multinational and a municipality, both for one year. After such a long time you don’t recognise it, but someone recently told me that working at a university is distinctive for two reasons. First, it’s because most of the people around you have at least one academic degree and are super smart. Second, the energy and vibe that thousands of eager and smart young people bring to the campus is amazing.”

What are your interests outside of RSM?

“I’m a huge Feyenoord fan. And I love spending time with my two girls. And I do what I can to reduce inequality and making the world a fairer place.”

In what ways are you a force for positive change?

“I try to be humble and serve a bigger purpose by creating a fairer world for all. I stimulate and empower others, I hardly ever give up and I try to collaborate, not compete. Ultimately, I hope I can make a positive impact through my work as director of RSM’s Positive Change initiative.”


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