Liubou Minniyeva

Liubou Minniyeva

Study and year of graduation: Executive MBA, 2016
Employer: Tesla
Job title: Project Manager EMEA Business Service Operations in Tesla and a founder of Pitch On The Beach festival

What are the most valuable skills that you took from your education at RSM?
On the emotional quotient  side: be thoughtful, kind, listen to other people’s feedback but stay authentic to yourself and your values. On the practical side: how to organise your own work and set up a team for success. There is quite a lot of dependency on the team dynamic. Identifying your own strengths and weaknesses is very important as is confronting them with the whole group. 

What was your most memorable moment at RSM? 
My graduation ceremony, when I was wearing that special gown and was surrounded by the people with whom I went through sweat and tears and my family that I love. It felt extremely good and proved again that I made a right choice when I signed up for this crazy adventure.  It is not about reading MBA books, it is about making a choice, investing your own money and time in it. It’s also about confronting your fears and abilities and committing for two years of non-stop work and studies. It is like starting your own company.

How would your former classmates describe you? 
Very creative and having thousands of projects all the time. I never can sit still, I’m too excited about life, I’m a very passionate person.

How do you stay connected to the school and what do you gain from it? 
During our farewell week at RSM I already felt an existential crisis: what I am going to do next and how can we all be connected to share pains and gains in the future? In the last semester of my MBA I co-founded the MBA Investors Club because I knew I still needed this link to draw me back to the university, but also to learn something new. After that I turned back to my passions, entrepreneurship and coaching. My mentors and friends always told me that I am ’a connector’ by nature, and  I started to think about how to combine these two things together. This is how the ‘Pitch On The Beach’ festival concept was born. Combining my love of surfing and a start-up communities, I decided to help others find their way between working for big corporates and a desire to start something on their own, or from another way around, how to bring entrepreneurship and innovation into a corporate environment because you never know. Perhaps your start-up will be acquired by the next Google or Facebook! With this in mind I am also collaborating with previous and current MBA students and their Entrepreneurship Club. 

What is your greatest passion in life?
I am an enthusiastic and passionate learner: if I am interested in something nothing can stop me. I will build a website in the night, sure, or do comedy club improvisation; why not? My professional passion is scaling businesses and that is what I am currently doing at Tesla.

What is your I WILL statement?
I WILL ride the wave where it takes me