When you see “we”, “us”, or “our” in this statement, it means RSM B.V.

Data needed to register for the event

RSM B.V. collects data to organize events for all RSM alumni (including those who graduated from EUR and previous iterations such as Interfaculteit Bedrijfskunde) in order to re-engage alumni. This means that the following data is collected:

  • First name and last name;
  • Email address (RSM or personal);
  • Graduation year;
  • Completed programme(s);
  • City of residence;
  • Country of residence;
  • Job title;
    • Or: Functional area;
    • And/or: Functional industry;
  • A unique reference to the event being attended

We get this data from you when you register for the event via the Eventbrite platform, or another event registration system.

At the event itself:

  • If you attend the event without a booking, and there is enough space to let you in, you will be asked to sign-in on arrival with the same information as those who pre-registered
  • If you have a booking, we will use the Eventbrite platform to sign you into the event
  • Photographs (read more about how we process photographs)
  • Your name and programme or company will be printed on a lanyard, name badge or sticker for collection when you arrive at the event.

If you do not want a lanyard or name badge, you can refuse it when you sign-in. Unwanted name badges will be destroyed immediately.

How will we use your personal data?

1. Using and updating existing information about Alumni, Students and previous event attendees

If you register or sign-in to one of our events, complete a form on one of our websites, with a lifelong, RSM, EUR or previously-used personal email address, we will automatically look up your email address and name and in RSM B.V.’s CRM system or the EUR CRM.

The city of residence, country of residence, and job title (and optionally the functional area and/or industry) are updated in RSM B.V.’s CRM system or the EUR CRM in case the data in those systems is outdated.

A record that you booked or attended this event is added to your file on the relevant CRM.

2. Sharing data with other attendees

At some types of event, such as conferences or reunions, we may want to share a list of attendees with other attendees at the same event.

When this happens, you will always be separately asked whether you would like to give consent  - on top of photo consent - to your details being shared this way when you register for the event.

3. Confirming your attendance and other important information

After you register for the event, a confirmation and reminder email will be automatically sent by Eventbrite.

You will receive an email containing the programme and any other information that’s important to enable you to attend and experience the event. If there are any important changes, such as a change in venue or time, we will also notify you by email.

4. Sending a post-event survey and other information

After the event has finished, we will send one or at most two emails to ask for your feedback. The feedback survey is hosted on a third-party survey platform

Your answers to the survey questions will be anonymous, unless you explicitly choose to share your email address for future research. If you opt-in in this way, we may send an additional invitation by email to invite you to participate in more detailed research.

If we have any other information about the event, such as a link to copies of the presentations, or photographs of the event, we will include them in our emails that invite you to complete the survey.

Why does RSM collect this data?

RSM B.V. collects the data to record who is attending the events, and we look up and update existing data to save time, ensure the accuracy of the data we hold about you, and to make sure that we verify your identity as an alumnus when you book to attend one of our events.

When completing post-event surveys, we collect data in order to improve our future events.

Who has access to this data?

The data (including the event registration itself) is accessible by the CAR department and by the Career Centre. The data (excluding the event registration) is visible to MBA, EMBA and OneMBA alumni via the RSM MBA Portal if you have opted-in to sharing your data with other alumni.

If you have opted in to your data being shared on an attendee list, the data is shared in hardcopy with the attendees of the alumni event, as a printed list of attendees.

Third parties

RSM B.V. will use one or more external companies to process information about you on our behalf. We remain responsible for the information and will ensure it is kept securely.

We use the following categories of third-party companies to process your information:

  • Customer Relationship Management: to securely store your personal information in our CRM
  • Email delivery system: to send newsletters and transactional emails such as booking confirmations and post-event surveys
  • Event registration system (Eventbrite): to allocate tickets at public events
  • Survey system: to provide and receive responses to surveys

How long does RSM keep this data?

The names, email addresses, graduation year, and completed programmes are kept in RSM B.V.’s CRM system and the EUR CRM indefinitely, in accordance with the University Archive Law 2001, act number 84 and the old guidelines of Exemption Decision on the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (Vrijstellingsbesluit WBP), article number 41.

The other data mentioned above (including the event registration) is kept in RSM B.V’s CRM and the EUR CRM for 5 years after your last interaction with RSM by attending an event, sending an email to us, phoning the CAR team or logging into the Alumni Portal.

If you do not attend any events or contact RSM, after 5 years the data will be deleted. If you do contact us or attend an event, the retention period of 5 years re-applies from the moment you re-engage with us.

Your rights

You have the right to review your personal data, and the right to request correction or removal of your personal data. If you wish to know which personal data RSM processes, you can submit a request in writing. We will respond to your request within four (4) weeks. Should your data be incomplete, incorrect or irrelevant, you can submit an additional request to amend or complete your data.

To exercise your rights under GDPR, please follow this link

If you have any questions on privacy or your data security please email privacy@eur.nl

To file a complaint, you can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens) at https://www.autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/en

Questions about your data?

We're here to help with your data questions. You have the right to review your personal data, and the right to request its correction or removal.

Contact us if you wish to know which personal data RSM processes, to exercise your rights under GDPR, or you have any other questions about your data. We will respond to your request within four weeks.

You can easily update your data using our alumni portal.

You can also contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority.