Alicia L. Kortenoever Lepe

MSc Supply Chain Management, 2016-2017

Alicia L. Kortenoever Lepe

A window into the professional world

As a business student, disregarding whether you are in your Bachelor studies and looking for an internship or about to become a Master of Science graduate and seeking a full-time position, the challenge of finding an attractive and suitable position can seem overwhelming. Given the many industries, companies, and specializations that RSM’s degrees open the doors to, deciding upon a certain field becomes an arduous task when one has both little or no professional experience and a limited personal network. There is where RSM MentorMe proved to be of upmost use and guidance.

Taking the first step toward your dream job

Through the RSM MentorMe platform I was able to reach out to alumni who had either a similar academic background to mine, were working in industries I considered highly interesting, or presented a combination of both. Consultations with these Mentors provided me with both first-hand insights on industry positions and a greater understanding of the skill set needed to succeed throughout the different selection processes.

Inspirational and practical tips

From my own personal experience, I can highly recommend getting in contact with alumni through RSM MentorMe. Mentors are exceptionally willing to provide you with concrete and tangible advice on your CV and interview performance, as well as share their thoughts and professional experiences with you. This helped me become more aware of my strengths and weakness, and to prepare more effectively for the adventure of deep-diving into the application processes following the completion of my degree.

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