Extremely useful lessons

The MentorMe experience was invaluable, the lessons that I have learned were extremely useful and second to none. It was in great depth and I was able to come up with ways to apply what I have learned afterwards as well. I have used the platform twice, one for improving my CV, and the other for my future career plans. I had the opportunity to get advice from a young mentor, and an older mentor as well which gave me a holistic perspective on things that I wanted to hear about.

Surprise factor

I was quite surprised that the mentors took time to review my CV, and read my pre-made questions before hand in great detail. I was not expecting them to know the simple details but they recognized it and gave insightful comments on it right away, which saved a lot of time. It was consistent in all the mentors that I have talked to.

Time efficient

The sessions are not that long, but it is efficient; in fact there are a lot of time slots that you can choose from making it a flexible platform as well. The set times are followed and the questions you have and want answered are answered in the same time frame as well. The call starts on time, and ends on time as well.


There are ratings for the mentors, which gives new users and old an idea of what to expect. It is a great benchmark for users to leverage to get the most out of the platform. I would definitely refer the platform to anyone who wants to gain knowledge and insights in the corporate world, or even merely life lessons.

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