Using CoronaCheck to enter alumni events

Using CoronaCheck to enter alumni events

As you may already know, everyone who attends an event will need to show a proof of vaccination, recovery from Covid-19, or a negative test result conducted within 24 hours of the event. There are different rules depending on where you were vaccinated, explained below. 

If you were vaccinated or tested by the GGD, use the Dutch CoronaCheck app

If you were vaccinated in another EU country,
you can use your country's EU Digital Covid Certificate

Non-EU guest? The rules are a little more complicated



Dutch residents: Use CoronaCheck

With CoronaCheck, you are able to prove you've been fully vaccinated, you’ve had Covid-19, or that you’ve recently tested negative.

You can use this app, or a paper certificate – along with your ID – to show us your vaccination or recovery status and enter the event.  Most vaccinations are valid 2 weeks after the last dose, except for Janssen which is valid 28 days after the single dose.  

If you were vaccinated in another country, but live in the Netherlands, you need to follow extra steps to have your vaccination registered in the Netherlands.

If you have not been vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19, you can be tested up to 24 hours before the event.

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EU residents: use your country's EU Digital Covid Certificate

Every EU country – as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and Vatican City – has an app that can be used to verify your vaccination, negative test result or Covid-19 recovery status. 

Please note that only tests conducted within the last 24 hours will be accepted, so you may not be able to use the same test result that you used to travel. You can book a test via Testen voor Toegang ("test for entry").

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Non-EU residents: get tested

If you were not vaccinated in a country participating in the EU Digital Covid Certificate (DCC) scheme – including the United Kingdom and United States – you will need to get tested prior to attending the event, even if you are fully vaccinated. This test is free of charge, and the test provider will give you a code you can put into the CoronaCheck app or website to get a QR code.

Any other proof of vaccination or negative test result is not valid to enter this event, even if it was OK for travel. 

Once you have your negative result, you can use the digital certificate to gain entry to the event. Please note: your test must be conducted no more than 24 hours before your arrival at the venue, so please plan accordingly.

Book a test at Testen voor Toegang ("test for entry")