This event is expired since Tuesday, 11 May 2021 .

Healthy growth for your company in five steps

Join Tom Mom for a discussion on tips and tools for building a future-proof company to stay successful as an entrepreneur or manager.

Healthy growth is much more than simply ‘growing’ – at least according to the authors of the new bestselling management book Five steps towards a healthy, growing company professors Tom Mom and Justin Jansen.

Now, you can join co-author and executive director of RSM’s EMBA programme Professor Tom Mom in an exclusive webinar and Q&A.

In the event, Tom will outline five steps to grow as healthily as possible and remain successful in a changing world. “We hope to create impact and support entrepreneurs to sense and seize new opportunities successfully by becoming faster, stronger and more adaptive. We have translated our multiyear research at well-known growth companies into five practical steps based on which every entrepreneur can build the future of his or her firm.”

About the speaker

Tom Mom is professor of strategic growth and implementation at RSM, and academic director of RSM’s Executive MBA programme. His research focuses on strategic innovation and making organisations more agile and sustainable. He trains and advises entrepreneurs and managers who want to grow their organisation healthily.

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