This event is expired since Wednesday, 6 May 2020 .

Webinar: Economic consequences of a pandemic

Economic consequences of a pandemic: road to a sustainable recovery

The global lockdown of more than 3.5 billion people brings a disruption to the economy, that we haven’t seen in the past decades. Attempts to forecast what might come next are heavily created and shared. and are based on how countries and organisations are currently dealing with the crisis. The diverse outcomes of this pandemic in each region of the world, will have long-lasting effects on the global economy as a whole.

During this webinar, Prof. Dirk Schoenmaker will explore some of the long-lasting effects and potential ways towards a sustainable recovery. He will discuss: 

  • What are the current consequences for companies and workers? 
  • How can governments give state aid to help out in a smart and forward-looking way?
  • How to ensure viability of businesses to survive the crisis.
  • How companies can emerge as a stronger and greener organisations.