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We want to update you on your upcoming BSc BA Graduation ceremony, which is scheduled for Thursday 14 November 2024. 

We're excited to announce your graduation ceremony will be held in-person on Thursday, November 14, 2024, at the Nieuwe Luxor in Rotterdam!

Two ceremonies to choose from:

  • Morning Ceremony
  • Afternoon Ceremony

Registration opens in mid August. Watch your email (and spam folder!) for the invitation.

Enjoy the rest of your studies!

Warm regards,

Your BSc Graduation Team

What do I need to do now?

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Wait for your invitation email

Your invitation will arrive by email. When you get it, you should register even if you don't know if you will graduate this year.


If you don't pass all of your exams and thesis, you will receive a refund and then you can graduate at another time.

Your questions answered

We are here to help you with your graduation ceremony, but if your question is already answered below then you won't have to wait for us to answer your email.

Most frequently asked questions

Everybody that has graduated with 180 EC by 13 October 2024 is invited to participate in this year’s BSc graduation ceremony.

You need to have graduated the Bachelor study programme to participate in the BSc graduation ceremony. If you are still doing an Exchange or internship, it will not be possible to attend the graduation ceremony as a ‘graduate’. You are more than welcome to attend the graduation as a guest with a purchased ticket and participate in next year’s graduation ceremony once you have completed your Bachelor study programme. You cannot do a Bachelor Exchange or a Bachelor Internship after completing your 180 EC Bachelor study programme.

Registration will open on 9 August 2023. Registration will remain open for 6 weeks allowing for plenty of time to register. Registration for graduate participation will close on 20 September 2023, at 23:59. We must be strict on deadlines.

More information on additional guest ticket sales will follow after the close of registration.

The timeslot for your ceremony will be sent to you by the end of September.

The actual tickets for entering graduation will not be sent until the week of graduation.

There are several parking garage options surrounding the Nieuwe Luxor Theater. More information can be found on their website. Public transportation is easily available in the area as well. All parking and travel costs are the responsibility of the graduate and guests.

Yes! Your friends and family who can’t join us in person can watch the ceremony live from the graduation website.

The livestream links will appear shortly before the ceremony.

Yes! If you cannot attend the Graduation Ceremony you are able to sell only purchased guest tickets. The Graduation Team does not facilitate these transactions. Please be aware of the following:

  • Make sure to sell your tickets to someone that will attend a ceremony on the same day and in the same time slot.
  • Once you receive your guest tickets via email you must forward the ticket(s) to those who bought them from you. This is not the responsibility of the Graduation Team.

You can also release your tickets back into the pool of guest tickets available to graduates without a refund if you do not want to spend time selling them.


Yes! We are planning a live ceremony in Rotterdam. We invite all graduates able to travel to Rotterdam to join us on location. For graduates and guests who cannot join us in person, the ceremony can be viewed via a live stream.

No. We are planning to offer your graduation ceremony as a live event in Rotterdam. Thus, online participation will not be possible.

After registration closes, we will be able to assess our attendance and put together a more comprehensive schedule of the day. Please check your email and the website for updates.

For those that have never attended a graduation ceremony, it is a festive celebration of the graduates’ achievements and completion of their programme degree. Faculty/staff and student speeches make up the majority of the programme. Diplomas will be received on stage and there will be an introduction into the alumni network.  Socializing and celebratory drinks with guests and fellow graduates will take place following the ceremony.

We order food that will accommodate the majority of students which includes a vegetarian option. If you have any specific concerns, please contact the Graduation Team directly.


If you meet the degree credit deadline, you should have received an invitation to the graduation ceremony via Easydus.  Please double check the email you have listed in CRM/Studielink. This is the email address that you will receive all graduation correspondence.   

 If you did not receive an email from us, please follow the steps below: 

Please check your spam folder and promotion folder!! 

Manually search for email addresses ending in: 

Please add the Easydus email address to your verified email list.  Notify us if you need us to resend an email. email addresses: 

The mail host rejects most emails from Please contact us with an alternative email address from another host and we will resend the mail. 

A typical graduation ceremony can host thousands of graduates and guests and relies on careful organization to ensure that there is enough space, catering, materials ordered for graduates and guests, along with the program of the ceremony maintaining an order. This is a significant logistical challenge, and it means that late registration is unfortunately NOT possible under any circumstances. Please make sure you register as soon as you see the first invitation if you would like to participate. 

There can be no exceptions to this rule. It is not possible to register late even if you missed the registration due to extenuating circumstances, personal difficulties, illness, family emergencies, or any other reason. We are very sorry if this is disappointing, but as a result we try to communicate about your graduation as early as possible – before you even finish your studies – to ensure that you can book your attendance in good time. 

If you have made a mistake when filling in your information for the graduation ceremony, you can contact us at the email below with the correct information up to six weeks before the ceremony. The Graduation Team will adjust it for you.

Yes!  We strive to accommodate all of our students’ and guests’ needs.  Please email us at the email address below with your specific needs or requests. You can also look on the venue website where your event will take place to view the accommodations the venue has in place. 

All tickets with QR codes will be sent the week of your graduation to the email you registered with.  Guest tickets will also be sent at this time with separate QR codes.  You can download and directly forward individual tickets to your guests prior to the ceremony date.  Please be sure to check your spam folder if you do not receive your tickets and contact the Graduation Team at the email below to have them resent. If you’re email has changed or is a student email that no longer works, please email us immediately to update your contact information in our system. 


Our goal when choosing a venue is that every registered graduate will be able to bring a certain number of guests to celebrate their achievement. The exact number of guests is determined before the registration opens. You will receive this information ahead of time so that you can make arrangements to invite your guests. Sometimes additional guest tickets become available after registration closes. You will be notified if these circumstances become available. 

Only registered graduates attending the face-to-face graduation ceremony can order guest tickets. If your friend is not attending, they cannot order guest tickets. 

If your friend has registered and purchased guest tickets but needs to cancel their participation, they have the option to resell/giveaway their tickets to graduates participating in the same ceremony or release their tickets back into the system. The graduate is responsible for emailing any tickets or information to the new owner of the tickets. The graduation team is not responsible for this correspondence. 

Depending on demand and availability, we might be able to offer additional guest tickets. This will be decided after the registration has closed. Those who registered will be informed about a possible extra ticket order by email. Please be aware that an extra ticket sale is not guaranteed.

While graduation is a celebratory family event, we do not consider it particularly child-friendly due to the ceremonies requiring guests to remain seated for up to two hours at a time in some cases. That being said, children are still welcome to attend. If children do come, those age 2 and under do not need their own ticket for the ceremony as they are expected to sit on an adult’s lap. All children age 3 and over will need their own guest ticket. Children under the age of 18 should not be left unaccompanied at any point whilst in the venue.

Yes! We will always try our hardest to accommodate guests with any special requirements, but it is always helpful if we can make arrangements in advance.

All of our graduation venues are wheelchair accessible. If your guest requires an aisle seat or to be near a doorway for medical reasons, this can also be arranged.

Please contact us at the email address below at least two weeks before the ceremony so that we can make the best possible arrangements.

You can read more about the accessibility of our graduation venues here:

We cannot provide VISA letters to students and their families who wish to attend the ceremony. We encourage you to first check the IND’s link to short-stay visa and requirements depending on the country of origin

This link is being provided for informational purposes only. RSM does not directly arrange any visas for the graduation. After reviewing this information, please reach out to Programme Management for additional help in acquiring a letter.

Caps and Gowns

This is possible. You may pay the additional cost when you pick up your cap and gown at the graduation ceremony.

No. We would like to make sure that everyone wears the same cap, gown and tassel in the same colours. Therefore, all RSM graduates are required to order the RSM cap and gown upon registration.

If you graduated with another degree from RSM in 2022, you may reuse your same cap and gown again.

Yes, this is possible. Via the registration form you can select the option ‘I cannot attend but would like to order the official attire’. Please be aware that shipment costs are at your own expense.

If you missed registration and would like to order attire on your own, please contact our provider, Caps & Gowns (

When you cancel your participation, notify us at that time that you would like to have your attire purchase. Please contact the graduation office ahead of time at the email address below to arrange a pickup on campus of your attire after the graduation date.


The cost of this ceremony has never been accounted for in the academic programme budget, and so rather than put further pressure on the cost of delivering the studies, it was decided to share some of the costs of the ceremony with graduates. In general, the school covers the venue hire, staff and other costs, while students must pay for their ceremonial attire. Attending the graduation ceremony is a completely optional event.

RSM does not profit from the ceremony in any way – instead, costs are subsidised as much as possible to allow the ceremony to happen without affecting teaching.

RSM itself bears the cost of the venue rental and organisation for the master graduation ceremony. However, as a publicly funded school, we are unable to assume the significant additional costs of caps and gowns for all graduates and event catering, and therefore charge a guest ticket fee to contribute to those costs.

Attending the graduation ceremony is optional. If you do not pay your registration costs, you will be unable to participate.  You can also choose to pick up your diploma at campus free of charge.

The only exception for a refund is if graduation credit requirements are not met. Unfortunately, we can’t refund expenses for flight tickets and other personal travel arrangements either.

Refunds will only be issued if you registered for the graduation ceremony and ultimately did NOT successfully graduate with enough credits. There are no exceptions for other refunds.

Our supplier charges a deposit of € 10 for assurance that rented items are returned. Once you return your rental after the ceremony, you will get your deposit refunded. 

Other questions

For more information on how to obtain your degree certificate, please visit here or reach out directly to the Study Progress and Diploma office to request your diploma.  Please email them at

A lot of photos are taken during the Graduation Ceremony. We allow the photographers time to work on these photos for a week. Once the photos are ready you will receive a survey which leads you to the photos.

My question isn't answered here

If you still have a question about your graduation ceremony, we are happy to help.

Just email us at with your question.

Please note, that as we get closer to the ceremony we are asked a lot of questions. We recommend that you send your email as soon as possible in order for us to answer it in good time before the ceremony.

Your graduation is organised by RSM Corporate and Alumni Relations

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