As the 2020 and 2021 reunions were postponed, this is our biggest ever MBA reunion! Every MBA class which graduated in a year ending in 0, 1, 2, 5, 6, or 7 can attend this years reunion.

See below for a full list of classes.

1987 Full-time MBA Class of 1987

Full-time MBA Class of 1990


Full-time MBA Class of 1991

Executive MBA/MBI Class of 1991


Full-time MBA Class of 1992

Executive MBA/MBI Class of 1992


Full-time MBA Class of 1995

Executive MBA/MBI Class of 1995


Full-time MBA Class of 1996

Executive MBA/MBI Class of 1996


Full-time MBA Class of 1997

Executive MBA/MBI Class of 1997

Part-time MBA Class of 1997


Full-time MBA Class of 2000

Executive MBA/MBI Class of 2000

Part-time MBA Class of 2000


Full-time MBA Class of 2001

Part-time MBA Class of 2001


Full-time MBA Class of 2002

MFM Class of 2002

Part-time MBA Class of 2002


Full-time MBA Class of 2005

MHR Class of 2005

Executive MBA Class of 2005

OneMBA Class of 2005


Full-time MBA Class of 2006

MFM Class of 2006

Executive MBA Class of 2006

OneMBA Class of 2006


Full-time MBA Class of 2007

MFM Class of 2007

Executive MBA Class of 2007

OneMBA Class of 2007


Full-time MBA Class of 2010

MFM Class of 2010

Executive MBA Class of 2010

OneMBA Class of 2010


Full-time MBA Class of 2010

MFM Class of 2010

Executive MBA Class of 2010

OneMBA Class of 2010


Full-time MBA Class of 2012

MFM Class of 2012

Executive MBA Class of 2012

OneMBA Class of 2012


Full-time MBA Class of 2015

MFM Class of 2015

Executive MBA Class of 2015

OneMBA Class of 2015


Full-time MBA Class of 2016

Executive MBA Class of 2016

OneMBA Class of 2016


Full-time MBA Class of 2017

Executive MBA Class of 2017

OneMBA Class of 2017


  RSM Leadership Summit Saturday daytime programme Drinks reception on the Maas Dinner
Full programme Yes Yes Yes Yes
Friday programme Yes No No No
Saturday full programme No Yes Yes Yes
Saturday daytime programme No Yes Yes No
Saturday evening programme No No Yes Yes
Saturday dinner only No No No Yes


Yes, you may bring your partner and/or your children. However, due to the size of this year's reunion, we can only accommodate a limited number of guests. Please note that we have provided no arrangements or activities for children. For partners, please purchase a regular reunion ticket and indicate on the registration form (in the 'class of graduation' field) 'I am a guest of an alumnus'.

For the RSM Leadership Summit, the dress code is business or business casual.
Saturday's MBA Reunion programme is less formal and you may wear something more casual.

Whatever you do, pick something that you like and wear it with a smile!

Because most of the Reunion programme will take place at the Mainport Hotel, staying at Mainport may facilitate your experience at the MBA Reunion. Transport will be ensured by us to and from the Van Nelle Fabriek on Friday, 21 October and to campus and back on Saturday 22 October. If you so choose, you have the opportunity to book your room at the Mainport Hotel at a discount by using the link you received in your email invitation. This discount will expire after the 20th of September and after this point we cannot guarantee that more rooms can be found at a discounted price. Cancellation of your booking is possible up to 72 hours in advance. Should you have any questions regarding accommodation, please email

You can use this form to update your details and subscription preferences. Alternatively, please send an email with your contact details, programme and the graduation year to

At the moment, it's possible for us to imagine an event without any entry requirements, QR codes or social distancing. However, we have prepared to respond to most of the likely scenarios and limit the spread of the virus. 

All of our venues are fully up-to-date with the latest government advice on issues such as ventilation and sanitisation.

We have made the right contingencies for a vaccine/test QR code scan on entry, so you may be asked to be ready with a test result or vaccine certificate. If this happens, we will inform everyone as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, if we are required to return to 1.5m social distancing, then it will no longer be possible to host the MBA reunion at the planned time. We believe that a good reunion is one where you can hug your former classmates and spend time getting to know them again. While we hope and do not expect that this will be the case, if we are forced to reschedule the event then your ticket will be valid for the new date as soon as it's available.

We currently don't anticipate any major coronavirus measures that might prevent the event from taking place at its planned time. However, if this should happen then your ticket will be valid at the new date as soon as it's announced. Unfortunately, we can’t refund expenses for travel tickets, hotel bookings, and other personal travel arrangements. In this uncertain time, we recommend booking flexible travel and accommodation tickets whenever possible.

So that you can enjoy your reunion without worrying about how much you drink or how late you stay, we don't recommend driving to the MBA reunion.

We have made sure that it's easy to access the whole event by public transport, and transportation is provided between all the main locations and central Rotterdam for our all-day Friday and Saturday guests. The main location is walking distance from Rotterdam Centraal station, and you can access everything from there.

If you do still choose to arrive by car, there are limited parking spaces available at the Rotterdam Mainport. There are two parking lots situated close to the hotel: 

  • Parking garage Erasmusbrug – Erasmusbrug (GPS: Zalmstraat)
  • Parking garage Erasmusbrug – Boompjes (GPS: Terwenakker)

Guests staying at Mainport pay € 21 per 24 hours. Exit cards are available at the reception. If many guests decide to travel by car, then there are some other parking options in central Rotterdam (check out the fees here).