Every year the world’s largest teaching case distribution platform – the Case Centre – creates a list of the best-selling cases. The list contains the top 15 best-selling cases in ten major subject areas such as Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Production and Operations Management. The Case Development Center at RSM is delighted to announce that the cases Fairphone: Organising for Sustained Social Impact and Greenwheels: Self-driving Cars - Should Greenwheels Enter the Market? are part of the 2021 best-selling cases list! Besides, the case Planespace: Liberating Employee Innovative Capacity is one of the most popular free cases in 2021.

On the Case Centre platform, Rotterdam School of Management offers a free case collection to enhance the business case teaching. The collection is divided into four categories, these being: QuInnE cases, ENABLE cases, SELIS cases, and Sustainable Development Goals cases. We encourage academics, scholars, and students to browse through the free case collection by RSM.

QuInnE cases derive from the research results of QuInnE, an interdisciplinary EU-funded project investigating the interdependence of job quality and innovation and its effect on job creation.

ENABLE cases derive from the European Network for the Advancement of Business and Landscape Education (ENABLE) project, which develops much-needed education on integrated landscape management using sustainable business models.

SELIS cases derive from the EU Horizon2020 Project “Towards a Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space” (SELIS). These cases contribute to the adoption of innovative business models by logistics communities and enabling the participation in a green, agile and collaborative logistics and transportation system.

Sustainable Development Goals cases derive from RSM’s initiative to embed SDGs in its curriculum. These cases explore the complexity of sustainable development, requiring students to go beyond their own specialisations ­in order to understand the environmental, social, and economic dimensions of sustainability. 

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