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  • Cracan, (Cristian)
  • Matsiiako, (Vladyslav)
  • Kant, (Gauri)
Wednesday, 16 December 2020
This teaching case focuses on the expansion of the online supermarket, Picnic, in Germany. It targets the development of numerous concepts in economics and business such as marketing strategies and profitability. The case starts wit han introduction to the company, Picnic and the protagonist,…
Expansion of Picnic to Germany: How to Replicate The Success of the Company in Another Country cover
  • Yue, T. (Tao)
  • Beraite, (Raminta)
  • Chaudhri, V. (Vidhi)
Saturday, 21 November 2020
The case is based on the scandal involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, the British data analytics firm that harvested data from 87 million Facebook users without their knowledge or consent. The data was subsequently used to influence voter opinion in favour of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential…
Facebook's Reputation: Trials and Tribulations cover
  • Weng, (Shih-Po)
  • Stefanova, (Joyce)
  • White, (Fraser)
  • Yu, (Ting Fang)
  • Lavanga, (Mariangela)
  • Gatt, C. (Carla)
  • Wubs, B. (Ben)
Tuesday, 13 October 2020
The digitisation of cultural heritage started more than 20 years ago and brought about a few changes in the way culture is being produced, consumed, and perceived. Initially, this process aimed at taking out the cultural artefacts, which were stuck in the dusty galleries, libraries, archives,…
You are what you (co)curate: A participatory approach to fashion curation in the digital world cover
  • Mudde, (Bastiaan)
  • Hu, (Xinyu)
  • Zampierin, (Luca)
Tuesday, 13 October 2020
This case focuses on the analysis that companies have to do before introducing a new product or service to a specific market. In particular, ALLSAFE, a self-storage company, currently is facing the strategic decision to develop an app. The main concept the case wants to discuss is how companies…
  • So, (Wing)
  • Shapiro, (Efim)
  • Hofman, (Tamara)
  • Stanisljevic, (Darko)
  • Sirijindaphan, (Mint)
  • Gatt, C. (Carla)
  • Lavanga, (Mariangela)
  • Wubs, B. (Ben)
Monday, 12 October 2020
The European Fashion Heritage Association (the EFHA) aims to help fashion GLAMS and brands to get better value from their cultural heritage assets by connecting them with new audiences. While doing research for a paper for her economics of fashion class, Carlijn, a master’s student, discovered the…
EFHA : Connecting Academia with Fashion Heritage cover
  • Wynstra, (Finn)
  • Van Weele, (Arjan)
Saturday, 10 October 2020
The case describes the outsourcing of operations by Dockwise, a shipping company specialized in heavy transport over sea and serving customers in the oil and gas industry. It provides students with an insight into contract and supplier management in a capital intense industry. Students will…
Dockwise: Outsourcing Ship Management Services cover
  • Comiteau, L. (Lauren)
  • Nikolopoulou, (Kassiani)
  • Van Tulder, R. (Rob)
Wednesday, 23 September 2020
Women on Wings, a non-profit NGO, created employment for women in rural India by using its network of financial experts to advise existing social enterprises on how to grow their businesses. Founded in 2007, its goal was to create one million jobs in 10 years. Co-founder Maria van der Heijden's…
Flying High: Women on Wings Gives Lift to Women in Rural India cover
  • Van Koert, M. (Michelle)
  • Brandt, T. (Tobias)
Wednesday, 23 September 2020
This case looks at the challenges of Rotterdam Electric Tram (RET), a large public transportation company in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in transitioning its fully diesel-powered bus fleet to become 100% electric by 2030. After winning the bid for the 2019-2034 concession of bus transport in…
Public Transporter RET: Taking a New and Sustainable Route in Rotterdam cover
  • Van Koert, M. (Michelle)
  • Jacobs, (Gabriele)
Wednesday, 23 September 2020
This case looks at the complexity of the refugee crisis in Europe, focusing on the Greek island of Lesbos. Since 2015 Lesbos had been dealing with an extremely large influx of refugees. These people had been housed at Camp Moira while waiting for an opportunity to travel onward to safer and more…
United in Order to Float: Finding Solutions to the Refugee Crisis cover
  • Boyaninska, (Daniela)
  • Ossewaarde, (Martin)
  • Zhang, Y. (Ying)
Wednesday, 23 September 2020
In 2020 Priva was a leading global high-tech company that provided equipment, software and management strategies for climate control, energy savings and the optimal re-use of water in horticulture, building automation and indoor farming. It was a second-generation family business whose CEO, Meiny…
Priva: Shaping Sustainable Cities cover