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  • Heimeriks, K.H. (Koen)
  • Gunther, M (Mark)
  • Lelieveld, M. (Margrit)
Tuesday, 1 November 2016
The case illustrates how Philips’ new venture integration team applies a new capability, captured in the “sales integration approach” (SIA), to organically grow its Asian Professional Lighting Entertainment activities. The capability, designed for acquisition integration, has previously helped…
Lighting Up Philips' Asian Entertainment Activities (B) cover
  • Ter Meer, J (Joppe)
  • Meijs, L.C.P.M. (Lucas)
Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The Dutch social enterprise Stichting Present believes in local autonomy and empowerment. It has small national headquarters but 70 larger local franchises. However, many local Presents are struggling with fundraising. The headquarters doubt whether they should intervene.

Stichting Present: Social Impact Through Local Empowerment cover
  • Von Schmid, A (Alexander)
  • Yue, T. (Tao)
Tuesday, 1 November 2016

A software engineer is assigned to program self-driving cars. But he realizes the ethical framework for programming the cars should be established before technical programming begins. Should a car protect the driver at the cost of other traffic users? Who is liable for damage done in an accident? Is it the driver, the programmer, or the government?

Whom to Save: Ethics for Self-driving Cars cover
  • Ferwerda, W. (Willem)
  • Comiteau, L. (Lauren)
Tuesday, 1 November 2016
There are some two billion hectares of severely depleted land on Earth, some 20 percent of the planet, due to decades of agro-farming, deforestation, overfishing and over-grazing. Ecologist and former IUCN NL director Willem Ferwerda wants to reclaim them a few hundred thousand hectors at a time,…
The Business of Ecosystem Restoration cover
  • Milanovic, A. (Ana)
  • Laker, M. (Maximilian)
  • Gupta, S. (Siddarth)
  • Hulsink, W. (Wim)
  • Sousa, C. (Cristine)
Tuesday, 1 November 2016

After the German fitness technology company eGym had its initial success, it launched a state-of-the-art new product that met with disappointing sales. How should eGym deal with a new product whose development has eaten up much of its capital?

eGym – Make fitness your lifestyle cover
  • Hoffman, A.N. (Alan)
  • Gold, N. (Natalia)
Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Unilever’s long-term ambition of profitable, sustainable, and responsible growth becomes increasingly difficult in the volatile global environment of the new millennium, characterized by low growth, geopolitical challenges, and the increasing effects of climate change. How should Unilever move forward to fulfill its long-term ambition?

Unilever: Making Sustainable Living Commonplace cover
  • Akemu, A.O.P. (Ona)
  • Whiteman, G.M. (Gail)
Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The Dutch social enterprise Fairphone aims to produce seriously cool smartphones, putting social values first. After delivering the first batch of orders to its fans, Fairphone has to scale up production to become a “real” company. The question is how.

Fairphone: Organising for Sustained Social Impact cover
  • Ghahvechi, A (Arefeh)
  • Hulsink, W. (Wim)
Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The Dutch student online platform HousingAnywhere begins to expand beyond its national borders. However, the investor is only willing to inject capital if HousingAnywhere changes its business model to a new one the CEO finds problematic. cover
  • Van der Star, G (Gerard)
  • Maas, A. (Arne)
  • Van Bruggen, G.H. (Gerrit)
Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The Dutch agriculture technology firm Ocron has hired a star salesman from a different industry. When the CEO takes him on a sales visit to prospects in Saudi Arabia, the CEO starts to doubt the new hire’s effectiveness. He wonders whether selling agricultural products are any different than regular sales and whether the new hire is a right choice.

Ocron: Agribusiness Marketing cover
  • Perego, P.M. (Paolo)
  • De Vries, J. (Jente)
  • Van Zwol, L. (Lisanne)
  • Ruigrok, L. (Lieke)
Tuesday, 1 November 2016
This is part of a case series. The field of health care is changing due to a variety of factors, such as rising costs, demographic changes, technological innovation, the introduction of more business-like and market-based principles, and an increased involvement of the media and the general public.…
Pulse: Quality Control at Xpert Clinic (Case B) cover