This case illustrates the impact the emergence and widespread use of the Internet can have on a business, in particular on news companies. Students are made familiar with a current problem experienced by news organizations across the globe - being the struggle to retain young readers or viewers as the shift occurs from printed newspapers or televised news to online newspapers or their alternatives. The case looks at two Dutch news broadcasters and how this problem affects their organization; NOS, a state-funded news broadcaster, and NRC Handelsblad, a traditionally high-end, business-oriented newspaper. This case challenges students to think about how a societal and technological change can impact businesses and the difficulties that arise with it, such as retaining customers and the revenue they bring. Moreover, students are challenged to think of possible solutions that could be implemented by a news organization to overcome this problem and stay competitive.

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Based on field research; 21 pages.

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1. After discussing the case, students will be able to create a deeper understanding of the news industry and the emerging issues that come as a consequence of the digital age. 2. Highlight the fragility of a business model and create insight on how such an obsolescent business model may need to be changed due to societal or technological changes. 3. Understand the importance of youth readership or viewership for a news organization and how this target group can be attracted. 4. Become familiar with a current problem in the media industry, which has not yet been resolved and how to approach such a problem.

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