Harley Davidson’s mission was to design and manufacture premium motorcycles for the heavyweight market. Each model among its products was highly customizable, made to order to customer specifications, creating a Harley Davidson mystique. The company’s vision promoted a comprehensive motorcycling experience across a wide demographic by means of events, rides, and rallies. Ideally, Harley Davidson wanted every motorcycle owner to wear a Harley vest, a Harley helmet, and Harley boots, then meet up with other Harley motorcycle owners wearing the same attire—the events, rides, and rallies made this vision a reality. Harley Davidson’s main objectives were: (1) to provide a quality and reliable product; and (2) to allow for highly customized, stylish products. The Company was so convinced of the quality of its products that it offered a two-year warranty on new motorcycles, and convinced customers they were priority. Harley Davidson specifically targeted a narrowly defined market of middle-aged males with disposable income. However, as US baby boomers aged, the company recognized that it must look to new markets and demographics to expand sales.

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