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A team leader is tasked with the decision to promote one of four team members, each having a different relationship with the team leader. Here, justice principles and ethical norms within relationships are explored.


Participants take the role of a team leader and must decide to whom they should give a promotion amongst four competing “employees.” All team members have different relationships with the team leader. As a result, it will be hard to decide who constitutes the “right” candidate for promotion. The case exemplifies how different justice principles and different ethical norms within relationships might be at stake. It enables participants to understand these fairness considerations. The case is not about ethical misconduct; rather, it makes us aware that many decisions taken in a business conduct might be difficult, and often there is no “right” decision. Further, the case can be used as an experiential exercise.


The case is short and does not require prior reading. It can be used during a seminar with flexibility. The topic of fairness and ethical decision can be exemplified on a business decision.

Case Study