International Consultancy Project - 2022

International Consultancy Project - 2022

Boost your organisation with the fresh knowledge and innovative mindsets of talented business students. Through International Consultancy Projects (ICP), companies like yours have the opportunity to access quality student research about a specific area relevant to your business.

Why join?

  • Receive a relevant report or strategy for your company to use.
  • A team of international master students focus on your project for four months between January-May 2022 for 1 to 1,5 day a week.
  • An RSM academic and company coach will guide and challenge the students.
  • Connect with top business students from around the world – for fresh ideas and recruitment opportunities.
  • Network with academia who can offer expert knowledge and ideas.

For companies: what’s needed?

  • A realistic description of an in-company problem or issue.
  • A company coach: someone who can communicate and work with the team for a maximum of half a day per week – this entails meetings with the students, reading their reports and providing them with feedback.
  • A fee of €1,250 to cover administration costs and supervisory services with regards to the logistics and organisation of the consultancy project.
  • Please note: students do not get paid for the research, as the project is designed to be a learning experience. But out-of-pocket expenses such as telephone calls, mail, and (local) travel costs, are to be reimbursed by your company directly after the students have sent their declaration.

Experiences from students and companies
“I’ve have worked a couple of times with real companies earlier, but what distinguished this one was the sheer professionality of our company coaches, and the task we were assigned.” (Student)

“The ICP gives us contact to highly motivated students and project content that can be applied to real life.” (Company Coach)

The ICP has become a compulsory element in the MSc International Management/CEMS programme and the MSc BA Master in Management programme. Moreover, the ICP is offered optionally to MSc exchange students that visit RSM. A small impression of the ICP click here. This ICP was in partnership with the University of Sydney and Daimler.

1 December 2021: Deadline to register for participation
January 2022: Company briefing to kick-off project
May 2022: School presentation and final competition

We ask participating companies to pay €1250,- (ex. VAT). 

Contact RSM Career Centre
For more information, please contact Satya Autar ( or Meike Kiestra (