RSM Career Portal

Here’s where to find some of the best young business brains in Europe; the students and graduates from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM).

This is RSM’s Career Portal for bachelor and master students and new graduates. It’s the first place they look for career opportunities, internships, and inspiration for their futures. And here’s where they will expect to find your organisation as they search the vacancies and company profiles.

Skilled and talented students

  • Bachelor students are eager to launch their business careers. During their three-year programmes they gather a broad academic grounding, conduct independent research projects, and gather real-world practical experience. Hundreds of international and Dutch students join our English-language bachelor programme and our Dutch-taught bachelor programme every year.
  • Master students have chosen to add specialist management skills to their bachelor knowledge. RSM’s range of one-year master programmes teach leading-edge business and management subjects, and demand research discipline.
  • MBA students already have working experience, and are interested in gaining an education that not only benefits themselves, but also benefits and contributes to society.

How to meet them
You can get to know our students during their academic journey. There are several ways to do this, and they are described on RSM’s website in the section on recruitment packages.

When you enter the RSM Career Portal, you can post vacancies (free service) and create a company profile for your organisation (premium package).

If you want a greater involvement with RSM students and for your organisation have directly access to talent at RSM, then you might like our partnership package. Please contact Laura Wolters.

Before posting your vacancy, please take a moment to review the guidelines.


Real and relevant: We welcome vacancies that offer real and relevant career opportunities for our students; all vacancies should require an academic education.

Checking: We will check your vacancy description before it goes live. This ensures a consistently high quality for our students. The RSM Career Centre reserves the right to refuse or withhold vacancies.

Language: You can post vacancies in English, Dutch or German. Please state the working language for the position, and remember to say what level of fluency is required. This helps to avoid the disappointment of candidates and employers being mismatched.

Agencies: We will allow specific job vacancies from recruitment agencies, but we will not permit general advertisements or ‘signposting’ to agency websites.

We will gladly answer questions about the RSM Career Portal.
Please contact us, the team at the RSM Career Centre, using or on +31 10 408 2010.

To discuss deeper interactions with our students – those available in partnership packages – please consult Laura Wolters, our Employer Relations Officer.