Student life at RSM is lively, cosmopolitan, and multicultural. Students enjoy the full range of activities associated with RSM as well as the wider Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) of which RSM is a part, from concerts and sports events to full-scale professional conferences attended by captains of international industry.

Getting involved: student organisations

There are lots of ways to get engaged and become a part of the RSM and EUR community. Many students join study and/or student associations to meet new people, participate in social events, network with prospective employers, or put into practice what they learn in the classroom.

Our students find that being a part of one of the numerous associations enriches their time at RSM both socially and professionally, while also giving them extra credentials to add to their CV.

Study associations

Study associations bridge the gap between theory and practice. They organise activities for all students interested in a specific field of study and can be a great first experience in the professional field that interests you. RSM’s study association, STAR, is the largest student-organised study association in Europe. STAR provides academic support to students and offers them the opportunity to develop themselves professionally through training or competitions. STAR also supports your early career goals by hosting recruitment events with top companies. STAR also provides students with unique opportunities to practice turning their ideas into business realities through events such as STAR Management Week or STAR’s Case Club which has recently won five international case competitions.

Student associations

Student associations focus on socialising and networking. In addition to organising social meetings, many of them are also active in the community. This is a way for you to get to know lots of other students from different programmes and different backgrounds. Here’s a selection – there are lots more!

What students say about participating in associations

B&R Beurs

“I chose to join B&R Beurs because I was really interested in finance and investing but was not sure where to get started. B&R is a great place to start for meeting like minded people! My investment group has grown a lot since the beginning of the year and learned a lot about investing. As the chairwoman, seeing everyone debate about whether to buy the stocks and coming together as a team and group is something I’m super proud of!” – Alice Borowiak, Chairwoman of Midas Investments

International Students Rotterdam (ISR)

“As the current VP, we managed to plan European city visits every month! ISR welcomed me with open arms. I made friends from all over the world through the fun social and informative corporate events that the association organizes. It creates a home for international students. In 2023, we managed to plan a European city trip visit every month!” – Emma Westenberg, Vice President ISR

The New Fashion Society

“The New Fashion Society helped me gain access to the fashion industry due to multiple informative and networking events. It also allowed me to meet and connect with other like-minded and ambitious students, who would like to have a positive impact through fashion. We worked hard to successfully host a series of career-related events to which there was a great turnout!” – Sofia Cosca, Career & Seminar Committee NFS

Living in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a metropolitan city, a true melting pot with approximately 170 nationalities among its 600,000 inhabitants. In such a diverse setting there are many arts, cultural, musical and entertainment events to participate in. It is also a major hub of international trade because it is Europe's largest commercial port, making it a great city for business students.

Rotterdam is an easy city to get around with most people living, working or studying within a 20-minute bike ride of RSM’s campus. The city also has good connections to the rest of the Netherlands and other European countries; for example, an express train from Rotterdam to Schiphol International Airport is 25 minutes, and a direct train from Rotterdam to Paris takes only 2 hours and 40 minutes.

RSM is located on the Woudestein campus in Rotterdam, which is about a 15-20 minute bike ride from the centre of Rotterdam. RSM shares the Woudestein campus with six other schools at EUR and is practically a self-contained city with food courts, a grocery store, a bike repair shop and even a hairdresser.  Campus facilities such as the library and sports centre (including tennis courts) are open to all students to enjoy.

Student well-being

RSM and EUR take student well-being seriously and offer a variety of resources.

Student advisor team

RSM has a dedicated student adviser team which serves as a point of contact where you can access professional help, advice and guidance during your studies.

EUR Well-being platform

From workshopsevents, and courses to empathetic ears and personalised help, the platform helps students fully develop their talents and focus on personal growth.

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