Student stories

Lennart Corleissen

BSc International Business Administration

"Many Guineans do not have access to education and suffer from bad circumstances every day. Education is one of the best ways to help."

Lennart Corleissen

Ricardo Cordeiro de Sousa

Co-founder StayRotterdam

"My friend Femke Ypma and I then set up a Slack channel so that there would be a platform that welcomed all students across Erasmus University, and linked people up with each other and kept them entertained with multiple events per day, every single day. That’s where StayRotterdam originated.”

Ricardo Cordeiro de Sousa, co-founder of StayRotterdam

Kasper, Wienke, and Jacob

The Green Branch Team

"We found that there is an inseparable connection between economy and ecology. This philosophy is characteristic for The Green Branch."

Kasper, Wienke and Jacob from the Green Branch team

Tishana Martijn

BSc International Business Administration

"I’m originally from Curaçao which has a very different culture to the Netherlands, and I am aware of the opportunities I now have and I’m really grateful for them."

Tishana Martijn, member of Young010

Dolly Vellanki

Community & Fashion Manager, ESH

"Members of the Hub really drew me in...everyone pitches in in their own way and it makes me feel like I belong."

Dolly Vellanki, Community & Fashion Manager at the Erasmus Sustainability Hub

Pim Rensen, Nick Kiran, and Philip Groeneveld

Part-time Master Bedrijfskunde

" It's incredible Heilige Boontjes was thought up by two men, not in the business sector, just wanting to do good for those with a difficult past."

Pim Rensen, Nick Kiran, and Philip Groeneveld, part-time business administration students

Nelly Matar

BSc International Business Administration

"I grew up in Shanghai where I was exposed to the pollution. Now that I have the opportunity to make an impact, I joined ECO coin."

Nelly Matar, International Business Administration Master Student

Fay Zhao

Full-time MBA

"The more people I get on board that are able to 3D print hands and to fund this, the more children we can help.”

Fay Zhao, full-time MBA student

Quint van Stuivenberg

Student MSc Business Information Management

“Your career is a large part of your life, so if you use your knowledge and skills for a good purpose in your work, you can create an even bigger impact."

Quint van Stuivenberg, Student MSc Business Information Management

Thom van Dalen

STAR chairman 2020-2021

"Even in a pandemic, we still try to add as much value as possible.”

Thom van Dalen, STAR chairman 2020-2021

Tara van Leeuwen and Tobias Moreira de Souza Sanden

Members of the SDG Dashboard project

Meet Tara and Tobias, who audit RSM's contributions to the UN's SDGs and will present them in a real-time SDG Dashboard

Tara van Leeuwen and Tobias Moreira de Souza Sanden

Mari Cho

MSc Business Analytics & Management 2022

I am glad that these outstanding master theses about sustainability have gotten the chance to be known and shared with a broader audience.

Portrait of Mari Cho

Alumni stories

Michiel de Man

Business Development Manager, Planet

"Modern biotechnology enables us to turn a depleting, fossil-based economy, into a sustainable, bio-based and circular economy."

Michiel de Man, RSM alumnus and business development manager at Planet

Edward Hoogendoorn

Founder, Fuusje

“Our big goal is to make sure every hospitalized child in the world has the funniest cover ever for their IV-bag. We’ve always kept our business not for-profit business."

Edward Hoogendoorn, founder of Fuusje

Thom Uildriks

Co-founder Moja

"We are a fashion company because we sell clothes, but our main aim and motivation is that we make impact in places where it’s needed the most."

Thom Uildriks, co-founder of Moja

Almar Bok & Zina Burgers

Founders Brûs

“We try to unlock that potential in the teach-ins, creating educational models that are not in the curriculum."

Almar Bok and Zina Burgers, founders of Brûs

Frank Holleman

Founder, Fork Ranger

"When I read about climate change and how to tackle it, I realised how it could be possible"

Frank Holleman, Founder of Fork Ranger

Sunil Singh and his wife Renee

Co-founder coaching volunteers for refugees

"If you want to make a difference in the world, try not to spend all your time on your day job."

Sunil Singh and his wife Renee, co-founders of coaching volunteers for refugees

Lonneke Noteboom

Winner NRC Live Impact Challenge 2019

"Refugee crises have always had a special place in my heart. During my volunteer trip, I felt a drive to bring some humanity to the camps."

Lonneke Noteboom, winner of the NRC Live Impact Challenge 2019

Erick Arnberg

Operations Lead

"For me there’s a moral imperative; I want to help – and enjoy helping – others."

Erick Arnberg, Operations Lead

Heidi Hui-Yun Hou

CSR Specialist, CSRone

"All of my colleagues are passionate about contributing to sustainability and translating it into actions that businesses can take." 

Heidi Hui-Yun Hou, CSR Specialist at CSRone

Ruben Ridderbos

Community Director, Awake Origins

"Everything you do contributes to your purpose, and meanwhile you can decide how you want to create impact."

Ruben Ridderbos, Community Director at Awake Origins

Anne Reijns

Commercial Director, Together for Her

"There are so many opportunities of what we can still fix, especially for females because healthcare is built around men." 

Anne Reijns, Commercial Director at Together for Her

Bram van Welie

Director, Hugo de Groot

"Education is ... conveying to young people what it takes to become an adult with agency"

Bram van Welie, Director at Hugo de Groot

Anass Meziane

Co-founder Wrokko

"Wrokko's mission is to remove societal biases and ensure equal opportunities for young people, regardless of their backgrounds."

Anass Meziane, co-founder of Wrokko

Marc van Zuylen & Marnix Stokvis

Co-founders Aquablu

"We’re really strong believers that your business won’t be sustainable if you aren’t doing something that solves such a pertinent issue.”

Marc van Zuylen and Marnix Stokvis, co-founders of Aquablu

Alba Tiley

Global Sustainable Antibiotics Director

"Being conscious that one has been fortunate in life comes with a responsibility to give back.”

Alba Tiley, Global Sustainable Antibiotics Director

Jordy Kool

Founder, IT4Kids

"I want all kids to have the opportunity to do activities such as playing sports to develop themselves."

Jordy Kool, founder of IT4Kids

Amit Jaura

Co-founder and CEO, Heatbox

"We’re giving people freedom in a sense, so we call it freedom of food. We want to enable people to enjoy a hot, healthy meal anywhere and at any time."

Amit Jaura, co-founder and CEO of Heatbox

Diederick van der Wijk

Co-founder Forward Incubator

"We try to unlock the potential newcomers already have."

Diederick van der Wijk, co-founder of Forwards Incubator

Britt ten Bergen

Co-author Plant - The Vegan Student - 2023

“We hope to show people how easy and delicious vegan meals are. With that, we hope that people will be inspired to cook more vegan food!”

Employee stories

Sander van der Neut

Student assistant in the Learning and Innovation Team

"I have a clear vision of what the futue will be and what's in the past.What needs to happen and what needs to stop, and what's right and what's wrong."

Portrait of Sander van der Neut

Bianca Doolhoff

Executive Assistant to the Dean

"I really enjoy the contact with colleagues, the variety of the role and the fact that I learn something about the organisation every day."

Portrait of Bianca Doolhoff

Helen Gubby

Senior Lecturer in Business Law

"It's so enjoyable at the end of the course when students 'get it' and see that you need to have at least some basic knowledge of law."

Portrait of Helen Gubby

Asaina Cecilia

Facilities Co-ordinator

"I love thinking up ways to improve things and seeing people happy."

Portrait of Asaina Cecilia

Audrey Paré

Student Assistant Positive Change Initiative

"I would love it if some projects are still 'alive' by the end of this academic year and that they continue working on it or pass it on to next year's ambassadors."

Portrait of Audrey Pare