According to our latest update the student with the rank number 779 was previously given an offer of admission.

Last updated on: 19-4-2024

If your rank number has been called, you should have already received two e-mails from Studielink; one with your rank number and a second mail asking you to accept or decline your offer of admission. If you have not received these mails, make sure to also check your spam folder.

Once your rank number is called and you have been informed about this by Studielink:

  1.  Log into your account in Studielink as soon as possible to accept or decline your offer of admission. Your offer is valid for 2 weeks after you have been notified. If you fail to make your choice by the deadline, your offer will be revoked and given to the next person on the waiting list. This is an automatic process and cannot be stopped!
  2.  Once you have accepted your offer, log into RSM’s Online Application Form (OLAF) to download your admissions statement.

You will receive additional information regarding practical matters such as housing and VISA application after you have accepted the offer. If you have applied for a scholarship via RSM, you will receive the results of your scholarship application within 1-2 days in a separate email.

If you choose to decline your offer of admission, your place will automatically be given to the next person on the waiting list.

IMPORTANT: Do not withdraw your registration in Studielink. If you withdraw your registration for IBA, your rank number will be passed over by Studielink and you will not be offered a place in the programme even if your number is called. If you still want to be considered for a place in the programme, make sure to remain on the waiting list.

Applicants on the waiting list may also want to consider the Dutch language Bachelor of Business Administration / Bedrijfskunde programme, or apply for admission to other bachelor programmes offered by the Erasmus University.

Accepting an offer for another programme will not affect your place on the IBA waiting list. Should your rank number be called from the waiting list, it will still be offered to you. You then need to accept or decline your offer within two weeks through Studielink as clarified above.

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