Mili Kundu

Head of Business Analysis & Digital Transformation Manager at CED B.V


Joining RSM’s diploma programme in Digital Transformation was my proactive step towards enhancing my skills and knowledge, particularly in crafting digital strategies for AI initiatives. This programme has been a transformative journey, and it includes four modules to help embed crucial skills and knowledge into my leadership role in digital transformation and AI. Investing in this programme has offered me a strategic advantage, fostering continuous learning and adaptation essential for driving innovation and growth in a competitive landscape.

Embracing the challenge

As a seasoned professional, Mili Kundu, head of business analysis/digital transformation manager for CED B.V., understood the necessity of staying current in a rapidly evolving industry. This is her account of her experience with the programme.

Immersed in excellence

“The programme's comprehensive content, structured pace and the faculty's expertise immediately impressed me,” said Mili. “The curriculum covered critical topics like digital transformation strategy, value partnerships, customer perspectives, design thinking and data analytics tools for customer insights.”

This balanced mix of theoretical and practical knowledge proved invaluable as Mili progressed through the courses and helped to ensure her thorough comprehension and practical application of the concepts.”

Transformative learning experiences

The digital strategy and AI course equipped her with the skills to lead AI initiatives, supported by compelling case studies that illustrated best practices and common pitfalls. The Digital Innovation course introduced transformative tools like the Business Model Canvas and principles of completion.

Data-driven decision making

“During the Data Analytics course, I received a comprehensive overview of various machine learning techniques,” explains Mili, “which was crucial in my discussions with potential implementation partners. This understanding has enabled me to venture into more informed and productive conversations, enhancing my strategic decision-making.”

Design Thinking has reshaped Mili’s approach to projects. “Design Thinking significantly improved my planning processes, capturing the customer’s vision and objectives more effectively. This supports businesses in enhancing efficiency and productivity through well-informed AI applications.”

Leading with vision and strategy

Said Mili, “The RSM diploma programme in Digital Transformation has empowered me to guide various business

units in preparing compelling business cases that deliver tangible benefits. My understanding of industry-wide standards has deepened, so that I can advocate for a balanced approach to automation and AI and ensure that my strategies align with CED’s vision and commitment to clients.”


Mili Kundu successfully completed the diploma programme in Digital Transformation. For more information about the programme, see

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