Debby Kasbergen

Senior Customer Journey Expert at ING

Participating in RSM's Women in Leadership programme was a transformative and motivational journey which has equipped me with the tools and inspiration to embrace leadership with purpose and conviction. Choosing RSM came naturally to me, given the school’s commitment to fostering mentorship and support among women. The programme went beyond addressing gender biases to explore diverse leadership styles, offering valuable insights for personal and professional growth. Key learnings emphasised the transition from expert to leader, highlighting the importance of delegation and trust within teams. Armed with newfound confidence and a supportive network, I’m well positioned to drive positive change in the workplace

How Debby embraced and redefined leadership beyond gender biases

A Full Circle Moment

“Returning to RSM, her alma mater, for the Women in Leadership programme felt like a full-circle moment for Debby Kasbergen. A testament to personal growth and the enduring impact of mentorship and guidance. Reflecting on her journey over the past decade, Debby is deeply grateful for the opportunities that have led her back to RSM, reinforcing for her the importance of lifelong learning and embracing new challenges. The following are her thoughts on the RSM Women in Leadership programme."

An eye-opening journey

“Embarking on the Women in Leadership programme proved to be a profoundly enlightening and motivating experience. Its blend of academic rigour, practical advice and networking opportunities created a dynamic environment where participants could gain valuable insights and forge connections with like-minded women facing similar challenges.”

A natural fit for growth

“For me, opting for RSM was a natural choice and one rooted in knowing RSM’s commitment to addressing gender biases and fostering a culture of mentorship and support among women. Recognising the power of collective empowerment, RSM's approach deeply resonated with my aspirations for personal and professional advancement."

Beyond gender biases

“While the programme adeptly addressed gender-based leadership struggles, its scope extended beyond to explore diverse leadership styles. This comprehensive approach provided participants with a rich toolkit for navigating future challenges and opportunities, igniting inspiration for personal and professional growth."

Transitioning to leadership

“A key takeaway from the programme was the realisation that leadership entails relinquishing certain roles and embracing a broader vision. Understanding the shift from subject matter expert to visionary leader underlined the importance of delegation and fostering trust within teams – a vital lesson with practical implications for my professional journey."

Driving positive change by empowering growth

“The programme sparked a transformative shift in mindset, instilling newfound confidence in my leadership abilities and reigniting my passion for continuous growth. Armed with invaluable insights and a supportive network, I am poised to champion positive change in the workplace, empowering myself and others to reach their full potential."


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