We are excited that you have chosen to study at RSM! We’re happy to help you organise your housing in the Netherlands. Are you an incoming bachelor non-EU/EEA student? Please see the ‘Short Stay Accommodations SSH Student Housing (SSH)’ options below.

NOTE: neither RSM nor Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) own or operate any student accommodations. Housing is therefore not guaranteed and is the responsibility of the student, but we provide assistance where possible.

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To help you in your search for student housing, we have compiled some resources below. 

Have you been conditionally or unconditionally admitted to an RSM programme? Act fast and secure a housing opportunity as soon as you see it. As with most cities, the demand for reasonably-priced housing in Rotterdam is high. Need some help financially? See if you qualify for a housing benefit.

A safe place to live and study

According to the Global Peace Index, the Netherlands is among the safest countries in the world. We enjoy a great standard of living here, which increases your chance of finding housing in a safe neighbourhood.

RSM is located in Rotterdam on the Woudestein campus, which is just outside of the city centre in the neighbourhood known as Kralingen.


How to find housing in Rotterdam

Housing Options

SSH Bachelor Student Housing

The ‘Short Stay Accommodations SSH Student Housing (SSH),’ of RSM is run by the housing corporation SSH Student Housing (SSH). RSM reserves approximately 108 furnished rooms and single-occupancy studios for incoming international students for your first 12 months of study. Please note that bachelor students who hold a NON-EU/EEA nationality will receive priority for this housing, especially if they will be under 18 during their first year of study.

If you are an EU/EEA student, or a (Pre)Master student coming from outside the Netherlands, please see the options available in Xior or the housing organised by EUR.

NOTE: SSH accommodation is single-occupancy. Partners/family members are not allowed to live there with you.

SSH accommodations offer four housing locations with fully furnished rooms or studio apartments on or near (about a 15-minute walk) RSM’s Rotterdam Woudestein campus.  

Unfortunately, accommodations cannot be viewed in advance. But you can look on the SSH website for the descriptions of the various buildings and accommodations.

Alternatively, you can also take a look on YouTube. Search the name of the SSH or other accommodation for a virtual tour and other impressions of the housing.

NOTE: rental prices are re-indexed every year.

SSH locations

Register for SSH housing

You can register for a room with SSH once you have been conditionally or unconditionally admitted to your first year of the BSc IBA programme.

Start registration:
Monday 13 May 2024 at 12 PM CEST

Start booking: (only after approval)
Tuesday, 21 May 2024 at 12:00 noon CEST bachelor students can book a room

There’s a two-step process to getting a room in SSH housing:

Step 1

On Monday, 13 May at 12PM CEST you can register with SSH on their website. Sorry, no early registrations! It’s best to register on the same day and at the exact time registration opens.

Go to the SHH website and fill in:

Your educational institution:Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)
Type of resident:

EUR Full Year Student

(12 months: 15 August 2024-14 August 2025)

NOTE: you can only rent an SSH short-stay apartment for the first school year

Your registration will be reviewed by RSM and either approved or denied.

Step 2

Once your registration has been approved*, you’ll have access to view the available accommodations on the SSH website. The approval process usually takes one week. Updates are communicated before and during that time.

TIP: Be quite quick about selecting a room – there’s a ton of competition!

To select and reserve an accommodation, log into My SSH and reserve your space within three (3) days of being approved**. After three days the room you requested will be open for registration again.

*Important information about approvals
In our experience, registrations typically exceed the number of available SSH housing rooms. It could be that your registration cannot be approved because there are not enough rooms available, even when you have registered on time. 

RSM has approximately 108 available accommodations to divide up among thousands of international students. We kindly ask you to patiently wait for your approval. 

NOTE: you may see on the SSH website that rooms are still available. However, these blocks of rooms might also be reserved for other programmes/faculties within RSM/Erasmus University. 

**If you have not selected a room within 3 days, your application is automatically switched to “not approved”. 

After this period, you can no longer reserve accommodation via SSH. This is in place to give other students a chance to apply for accommodation. 

SSH handles the entire process – from making a room reservation to payment handling. For more information about the Terms and Conditions, the Rental Guide and the FAQ’s, please visit the SSH website.



Do you have any further questions about SSH or its residency possibilities? Please send an email with your questions to: Rotterdam@sshxl.nl

Read further to discover more housing options.

NOTE: 12-month rental period

These short-stay accommodations have a strict 12-month rental period. After 12 months, your rental contract with SSH will terminate, and you’ll need to find further accommodation for yourself in Rotterdam.

TIP: use the time you have in your SSH accommodation to start looking for your next accommodation.

Xior Building

RSM is not in charge of the rental of these apartments.

Registration for the August 2024 intake will open 13 May at 10:00 am CEST. DO NOT REGISTER* EARLY

Xior Building provides student housing for RSM and Erasmus University students. Located right next to the Woudestein campus, Xior offers 280 single-occupancy studio apartments spread out over eight floors. Each apartment has a private bathroom, WC and kitchenette facilities.

This housing is only available for students coming from outside the Netherlands.

*The Real Estate Services Department of Erasmus University Rotterdam will check to ensure your RSM conditional or unconditional registration has been confirmed before you can register for residency in the Xior Building, which is why its important not to register early. Also, for the rooms reserved for RSM students at Xior THERE IS NO REGISTRATION CODE! This is for students in other programmes/universities.

Do you have any further questions about the Xior Building or how to secure residency there? Please send an email with your questions to rotterdam@xior.nl

Housing via Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)

RSM is not in charge of the rental of these apartments.

Are you an incoming first year bachelor, (pre)master or exchange student from outside the Netherlands? EUR reserves a block of rooms via third parties for students like you.

You can find the descriptions of the housing as well as information about the registration and reservation process on the EUR website. Or simply check out the links below:

  • Registration will open for August 2024 intake will start 6 May at 12:00 noon CEST.
  • Erasmus University reserves 48 rooms for international students.
  • Rooms are divided over 22 apartments in the building.
  • There are 18 double-occupancy apartments and four apartments for three persons.

  • Registration will open for August 2024 intake will start 15 May at 13:00 CEST (postponed from 1 May).
  • EUR has a partnership with RoomPlaza for +/- 100  flatshare rooms.
  • Rooms are exclusively for first year International Bachelor or (Pre)Master students.

  • Registration will open for August 2024 intake on 6 May at 12:00 noon CEST (postoned from 1 May).
  • EUR has a partnership with ISHR for +/- 40 flatshare rooms.
  • Rooms are exclusively for first year International Bachelor or (Pre)Master students.

  • Registration will open for August 2024 intake on 15 May at 12:00 noon CEST.
  • EUR has a partnership with The Social Hub (TSH) for 200 rooms.
  • Rooms are exclusively for first year International Bachelor, (Pre)Master and exchange students.

Other housing options

Naturally, there are other housing opportunities for you as an in-coming student of RSM/Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) in the private housing market.

Be sure to review the individual registration and reservation processes of the below providers. It’s important to note that neither RSM nor EUR is in charge of any aspect of the rental processes.

Take a few minutes to check out the basic information and links of the housing providers used by our students below:

  • A global housing platform where people can rent out rooms to international students.
  • Housing Anywhere offers a secure booking service and has a customer care team on hand to help you book a room safely.

  • The largest online platform in the Netherlands which matches the supply and demand of housing; such as rooms, studios and apartments.
  • Tenants and landlords can get in touch and roommates can meet a new roommate.
  • Kamernet does not own the listed homes or apartments. Registered users have direct contact with each other.

  • Most student apartments run by Niya are inhabited by international students who study at the Erasmus University Rotterdam or Hogeschool Rotterdam.
  • All student houses are complete apartments with separate rooms and a shared kitchen and bathroom.
  • The apartments are equipped with all your basic needs.
  • Furthermore, some of the rooms are already furnished for you.

  • Stadwonen Rotterdam owns 6,000 furnished and unfurnished rooms.

  • Rotterdam2stay offers private furnished housing.
  • Have your own bathroom, kitchen and appliances.
  • The living space offers you comfort and privacy at an attractive price, which improves when you can secure a housing benefit.

Temporary accommodation

Were you not able to find housing for the first full year of your RSM study before arriving? There are some temporary places you can stay in Rotterdam while you look for a more permanent residence. We advise against staying in temporary housing, but we also understand that sometimes a temporary solution is the only solution. 

It’s important to note that neither RSM nor EUR is in charge of any aspect of the rental processes.

It’s exciting to move to a new city or country, but keep in mind that starting classes and living in a new city/country can be stressful. Having to look for accommodation at the same time could be difficult.

TIP: Plan your accommodation 6 months or more (minimum of 3 months) in advance. This’ll help to ensure that you can find longer-term housing with as little stress as possible.


Hostels in Rotterdam are one kind of temporary accommodation option. Check out our suggestions below:

  • A short-stay apartment on a historical ship in the centre of Rotterdam.
  • Prepare your meals in the shared kitchen or choose from any of the nearby restaurants.
  • Chill out on the boat’s deck whenever you like.

  • A cool hostel that blends industrial design with 21st century contemporary art.
  • It’s located at the beginning of Witte de Wittestraat, in the heart of Rotterdam’s social scene and near all the city’s notable bars and restaurants.

  • ROOM is located in Rotterdam’s historic Scheepvaartkwartier, near a beautiful little harbour.
  • There are lots of good places for wining and dining in the area and it’s close to the city’s main park.

  • This hostel is located in the city centre of Rotterdam in the striking cube houses.
  • It’s situated next to metro station Blaak.

Housing contracts and terms

Because a tenancy agreement (huurovereenkomst) is often only provided in Dutch, we recommend you read through the additional information provided on the Erasmus University website

Our website is also where you can find information on Dutch housing terms, info about how to arrange your stay and other useful tips; for example, how to decrease your chances of getting scammed.

TIP: Go to the Erasmus University Housing pages and get further info about the abovementioned housing providers, living in the Netherlands and more.

Like to get an impression of one of the aforementioned accommodations, even before registration opens? Take a look on YouTube and search the name of the SSH or other examples of accommodation in Rotterdam.

Are you staying in the Netherlands for at least three years (e.g., BSc-IBA students)?

Stadswonen Rotterdam has over 6,000 good-quality, affordable rooms, studios and flats to let out to students and people new to the Rotterdam housing market.

Register quickly!

Furnished and unfurnished rooms on offer are appointed to those tenants who have been registered for the longest period of time. The day you register, your registration period (inschrijfduur) starts to build up. The longer you are registered with Stadswonen, the better your chances are of quickly finding a room, studio or flat.

Currently, the registration period to make change of finding a room is average eight months. You can register as early as 17 years of age, so don’t wait!

Don’t wait to start building up your registration period!

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Example costs of student housing

Accommodation can vary in price depending on location, type and size. Read the housing experience of our current students below for more information.


Student guide to finding housing

One of our MSc students has put together a quick guide to EUR's essential accommodation pages and additional tips on finding housing.

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