The CEMS Alliance

As of 2015, the CEMS alliance consists of 29 top business schools, over 70 major multinational corporations and social partners, about 1,200 enrolled students and nearly 10,000 alumni. They all come together to form the CEMS community. RSM is the only member of the alliance in the Netherlands.

Local student committees in each country form a global network that supports and encourages its members, and you will soon feel part of the community. This student network adds tremendous enjoyment to your degree programme and is the start of an beneficial alumni network. You will become a member of at least two local CEMS clubs; at RSM and at your exchange destination.

The network of contacts helps you to understand and appreciate the diversity of cultures in Europe and beyond. CEMS alumni meet regularly, wherever they are in the world, and they can always be found thanks to the online ‘Who's Who’ of all CEMS alumni.

CEMS has its own alumni careers service for direct access to CEMS corporate partners, alumni entrepreneurs and head-hunters. The careers service also maintains a CV database so user companies can contact you.

CEMS graduation – with spirit!

Nowhere is the CEMS spirit more evident than at the graduation ceremony which takes place at one of the 28 CEMS partner schools every December, attended by everyone from current students, companies, CEMS school representatives and of course, the graduates. The graduation becomes a huge social event where existing friendships are strengthened and new friendships begin.

CEMS partner schools

CEMS corporate partners

International companies such as McKinsey, AT Kearney, BNP Paribas, SHELL, L'Oréal, ING Group, Nokia, Procter & Gamble and many more are corporate partners of the global CEMS alliance. The full list is available on the CEMS website here.