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Sweta Hassani

Nationality: Indian and Dutch
Age: 38
Job title: product owner at Rabobank

Previous studies: bachelor in computer engineering from MCKV Institute of Engineering in India


1. Why did you choose to go back to school for an MBA?

“My dream was to study engineering and then an MBA. There are things you can do with certain degrees from higher education. You see how people behave, act and grow in their career. I also wanted to excel and have a broader perspective of things around me. I chose RSM for many reasons. I have colleagues from organisations like ABN AMRO and ING who did an RSM MBA. I saw how they handle situations, deal with challenges and have excelled in their career. RSM also offers so many dimensions and backgrounds, for example participants working at law firms, the pharmaceutical industry, supply chain or in automotives which helps to have exposure to diverse cultures and ways of working. It’s a real experience, and gives you more confidence in many subjects.”

2. How is the Executive MBA preparing you to do business in a world in motion?

“We cover most of the subjects which we use in regular business. We also have guest speakers who share their experiences – giving you a real time feel of what’s happening in the world and in business. One of the best parts was the study trip to the USA, we discussed geopolitical issues, the impact of Globalization 4.0, and natural calamities to the world. You learn, you reflect, you interact, you discuss. It’s a very open environment here, which helps to think clearly about next steps. I’m feeling more prepared for unknown things.

3. How would you describe your RSM MBA experience so far?

“It’s challenging to manage my time. I started a new job at the start of the EMBA and have a young child too. It can be stressful, but I get support from my family and RSM offers individual coaching which helps give me direction so I’m more focused and can prioritise better now. Things go more smoothly. It’s an amazing journey to experience this together with my classmates and the RSM coaches.”

4. What impact does the Personal Leadership Development (PLD) component of the programme have on you?

“It’s been emotional and close to my heart. The best part: you recall, you reflect, and then you figure out what you can get out of it, and what makes you a great leader. It helped me figure out my qualities. You write your heart out even on topics which you haven’t shared with anyone, things get untangled, and your mind clear up. You really see how you can emerge as a leader. Everyone should write a life journey in their life to get a feel of it.”

5. What is the highlight of the curriculum for you?

“One of the skills I’ve learned about leading people is that you can’t influence everything. You have to stick to your ethics and values, and find ways to do that. I’m also looking forward to the subjects in the next quarter about strategy and leadership. I want to concentrate on this and change my career path.”

6. How are you using your learning from the MBA directly in your work?

“One of the electives I chose is about creating customer value. This has helped me to dig deeper into the business problem and provide suggestions based on concepts and strategies used in the class. Other subjects also give me new knowledge and perspectives which I can use to contribute better now as I ‘speak their language.’”

7. What does the future hold for you?

“I want to excel in whatever I do; I wanted a little push and confidence which RSM is providing me. I'm meeting with a career coach to help me figure out my next immediate steps, leading towards my goal of starting my own business. I want to give back to society and make a meaningful impact on my existence.”