• Date

    Friday, 17 December 2021

  • Time

    19:30 - 21:00 (GMT +01:00)

  • Location


The RSM Berlin Alumni Chapter invites you to their monthly Bar of the Month (BOTM), an informal get-together with fellow alumni.

Next Bar of The Month will take place on Friday, 17 Demember. 

Final event of the year will be a Glühwein on a Christmas Market on the 17th - if possible. We'll announce the market on short notice a few days in advance. Save the evening in your calendar as more detailes will be shared soon!

Please contact Meta Haag-Mikec to connect with the local organisers and learn about other ways to get included to the RSM Berlin alumni community.

Corona related rules: The Covid situation holds a tight grip on Berlin and most parts of north western Europe - we are fully aware of it. As rules and regulations especially for restaurants are due to be changed in the next few days, please stay tuned.


Your safety at this event

RSM only supports events that take place face-to-face when it's safe to do so, and is permitted by local authorities.

During all RSM affiliated international events, please follow the current rules and recommendations of the local authorities - including maintaining social distance and wearing a mask if it is recommended to do so.

Even if you feel comfortable, please be mindful of the wishes of other attendees, who may have hidden medical conditions that make it difficult for them to wear a mask, or who may wish to take extra care in public.

If you feel in any way sick, are waiting for a coronavirus test result, or have a family member with cold or flu symptoms, please do not attend – even if you're keeping your distance and wearing a mask.​