Within the master and premaster programmes no exemptions will be granted.

Only bachelor students may submit a request for an exemption. This exemption, based on your previous education, will have to be requested as soon as possible after the start of your studies at RSM, but before 15 October of your first year.

Requests which have been submitted too late, or which are incomplete, will not be processed. The Examination Board will review requests according to the following conditions: 

  1. The time spent on the subject (possibly expressed in credits) should at least be equal to the time allotted to that subject.
  2. As regards to contents and level, there should be sufficient correlation between the study matter on the basis of which the applicant hopes to qualify for an exemption. The work procedures and objectives of the subjects taken for which exemptions are being sought should correspond, as indicated by the documents submitted. In addition, there should be an accompanying letter showing which components of the subject matter correspond to which components (case studies, exam components) of the subject or subjects for which exemption is sought. 
  3. The documents should show that the applicant has passed all subjects for which exemption is sought with satisfactory grades. 
  4. It is not permitted to use one and the same course completed during your previous education as a basis for more than one exemption in the RSM bachelor programme.  

Exemption elective space

The Examination Board may decide to (partially or fully) exempt the student from the required trimester credits if the student has earned sufficient credits on account of a second bachelor programme. Education completed elsewhere is only considered for exemption when the course(s) (described in detail in English or Dutch) meet(s) the following quality standards:

  1. The course must be part of an accredited programme at a Dutch university or a foreign research-driven university;
  2. The course must have a level equivalent to the RSM course, i.e. it cannot be a bachelor course as a master free elective;
  3. In terms of content, skills, attitude and testing, the course must sufficiently fit in with the specified exit qualifications for the programme;
  4. The course must have added value for the programme, which is why there should not be too much overlap with mandatory parts of the RSM programme concerned;
  5. The basic rule is that, as part of the RSM programmes offered in English, the external course may not be taught in Dutch. Courses in other languages are considered, provided that there is an assessable (online) manual available in English (or Dutch). The manuals are not required for the language course options offered by the IBA programme.

Submitting your request

Requests can be submitted via the Online Request Form, accompanied by all relevant documents (i.e. certificates, lists of grades, course descriptions, literature, etc.). Note: a (certified copy of a) certificate, grade transcript or diploma will not be accepted in digital form, instead it has to be submitted in its original form to the Examination Board for verification.

The Examination Board shall take a decision on the basis of the documents and the assessment of the lecturers responsible for the subjects concerned. Decisions will be announced as soon as possible, preferably no later than four weeks after submission of a complete request. 

Please note, granted exemptions cannot be reversed, not even on request. In addition, an examination part (i.e. course) that has already been passed cannot be exempted anymore.

Exemption in Osiris

No credits or grades for exemptions will be shown on the grade list. An exemption will not affect the GPA, as it is recorded as a non-numeric result “VR” (in Dutch) or “EXEMPT” (in English). This information is important in connection with student performance grants and in recognition of a ‘cum laude’ classification.