Extra Examinations

Extra Examinations

The Examination Board can grant an extra opportunity in the following cases:

1. Personal circumstances

In the event of (long-term) personal circumstances (e.g. a long-term or chronic illness) resulting in: 

  •     impossibility to take part in the regular examinations, and 
  •     impossibility to take regular scheduled examinations in the near future, and 
  •     a serious extension of the study is expected.

A request for an extra examination due to personal circumstances will always have to be submitted through the student adviser or student counselor, and has to include a studyplan as well as an advice from the student adviser or student counselor.

Please note, that the Examination Board will not grant extra exam opportunities in order to improve sufficient grades.

2. Top sport

If the applicant has had to miss one or more examinations due to performing sports at a top level, where the applicant should be recognized by the Top Sports Office. The request will have to be submitted through the student adviser or student counselor, and has to include a studyplan as well as an advice from the student adviser or student counselor.

3. One Bachelor course of trimester 8 or 9 open  

If the applicant has completed all courses (including the thesis) of the bachelor programme after the re-examination period, except for one course of trimester 8 or 9, the Examination Board may grant an extra examination opportunity for this course on the quantitative condition that the applicant must have taken part in all examination opportunities, and the qualitative condition that he/she must have scored at least a 4.2 in one of the attempts.

The extra exam opportunity will probably take place late September/October, so that the applicant may take part in the official bachelor graduation ceremony if he/she passes this last bachelor course. However it does not give the applicant the opportunity to start a master programme in September 2020.

Please note: if the remaining open course is offered in trimester 4, 5, 6 or 7 NO extra exam opportunity will be organized; in that case students will have to take part in the regular exam opportunity of the next academic year in order to pass the course/complete the Bachelor programme.

4. Last examination Master programme

In individual cases, when all but one – excluding the thesis – of the master courses have been finalized, students can request for an extra exam opportunity. The applicant will have to meet all of the following requirements:

  • the thesis is (almost) completed, which is demonstrated through a written statement from the supervisor;
  • it has been established that the applicant has taken part substantially in previous opportunities to take examinations;
  • not granting an extra opportunity to take the examination would result in at least five months (excluding July and August) prolongation of the programme, after finishing the thesis and counted from the date of submitting the request.

It is not possible to request an extra exam opportunity for a free elective, as it can be replaced by a 6 ECTS core course of another master programme in order to reduce study delay.


If the Examination Board agrees to give an extra opportunity, the examiner concerned will be asked to cooperate with this. In general, the student concerned will then be referred to the examiner to establish the time at which the extra opportunity will be offered. The decision of the Examination Board will also entail that the extra opportunity will have to be taken within a certain period. The Examination Board can also decide that the extra opportunity will be taken during the next re-examination period.

The extra examination will in general only be offered once.