Business Model Innovation

Business Model Innovation

Boost your knowledge and skills with innovative methods to successfully create, assess and implement business model innovation in your organisation, in order to stay ahead of the competition. Drawing on powerful research, the three-day Business Model Innovation programme by RSM Executive Education will inspire you to bring transformational practices into your business.  

The requirements for building and managing a successful business have been radically altered by changes in technology, society, markets and consumer expectations. Your company must transform and innovate to survive and succeed. Innovating products and services is no longer sufficient. You need to change your business model. But how do you create successful new business models for your organisation that are profitable in the long term?

RSM’s Business Model Innovation programme is taught by leading academics. Our programme will boost your understanding, knowledge, and practical skills for building business model innovation into your organisation. The programme is highly interactive and combines short lectures with case discussions, brief assignments and plenary discussions. You will develop your own business case, and discuss it with faculty members during the programme. An online follow-up meeting will help you implement your new knowledge and skills.

Key benefits

During the programme, you will:

  • learn how to evaluate business innovation from a financial point of view
  • develop innovative and potentially viable proposals for new business models
  • learn and practise the methodology for developing new business models
  • explore relevant methodologies, particularly analysis of the environment, individual and collective creativity techniques and business case analysis
  • practise a number of models that can be used in the application of these methodologies, such as the five-forces model, the disruptive innovation model, the business model canvas, the market learning model, the lean innovation approach, and team structures.