Business Model Innovation

Business Model Innovation

Please note: this programme is currently undergoing a redesign and will not run anymore in 2019. As an alternative we advise you to consider our executive programmes New Business Development or Digital Innovation. Please contact Eugène Kerpen to discuss your learning objectives and discover which programme suits you best.

Rapid changes in technology, markets and consumer expectations forces companies to transform and innovate to succeed and survive. But developing innovative high-value products has become more difficult in today’s increasingly complex, dynamic and interdependent environment. It’s not enough to innovate products and services. You must change your business model. But how do you create a new business model that enables long-term success and profitability?

Stay ahead of the competition

Drawing on powerful academic research, RSM’s Business Model Innovation programme will show you new methods to stay ahead of the competition by creating, assessing and implementing business model innovation in your organisation. In the workshop, you will learn how to introduce new business strategy, innovation and transformational practices into your organisation.

In the executive education course, leading academics will boost your knowledge and practical skills – including those needed for collaborative ‘open’ enterprises and partnerships. With new tools and strategic analysis, as well as new models for disruptive innovation and new ways to implement lean innovation, you can help your company to develop new ideas and features as well as new channels, more usability, different pricing models and consequently, new ways of doing business.

Learning Objectives

During the programme, you will:

  • learn how to evaluate business innovation from a strategic point of view 

  • develop innovative and viable proposals for new business models 
  • learn and practise the methodology for developing new business models 
  • explore methodologies such as analysis of the environment, individual and collective creativity techniques, and strategic analysis 
  • gain skills to align internal and external parties for maximum effect in your own innovation project
  • You will benefit from RSM’s Business Model Innovation programme if you are a:

    • manager or specialist involved in innovation projects
    • new business development manager
    • marketing manager
    • professional involved in building strategic relationships with suppliers
    • manager in strategic marketing communication
    • senior professional in business development
    • professional who manages innovation projects or strategic innovation in organisations.
  • “The Business Model Innovation programme gave me a comprehensive set of steps, and a way of thinking to take a new product idea and create a business model systematically and critically, right through to implementation. I definitely use what I learned in my daily work. This is one of the few programmes in Europe to integrate these different steps." 
    Bart van Hattum, product developer and idea manager, Nuon

    "This is a great opportunity to learn and play with open innovation with colleagues from business."
    Annabeth de Witte, manager packaging development medical, Nutricia Research


  • During the Business Model Innovation Programme you will learn from Prof. Jan van den Ende, Prof. Daan Stam, Dr Murat Tarakci, Prof. Tom Mom and Mr. Hans Hannappel. Occasionally we may substitute other faculty members according to the content of the programme and their availability.

    Prof. Jan van den Ende
    Jan van den Ende is professor of management of technology and innovation at RSM. His expertise is in the development process of new products, new services and new business models in firms – a process that is key to every company’s performance. His research focuses on organising the process of creating ideas, selecting projects, developing products and commercialising them. He studied innovation in firms such as ING, ASML, Philips and Unilever, and also in smaller project-based companies and firms in the horticulture sector. Jan teaches methodologies for scenario development, business model innovation, design thinking, strategic assessment, disruptive innovation and lean innovation.

    Prof. Daan Stam
    Daan Stam holds the endowed chair of Leadership for Innovation in the department of technology and operations management at RSM, where he leads the innovation management group. Daan’s research focuses on leading innovation and change, and he is particularly interested in understanding why some people are able to gather strong support for innovation and change while many others struggle to do so. He has searched for answers by studying the behaviours of leaders making plans using a psychological perspective, and found that identity issues are key to solving this mystery. Daan Stam is a member of the Erasmus Centre for Leadership Studies and the Erasmus Centre for Innovation Management.

    Dr Murat Tarakci
    Murat Tarakci is an associate professor of innovation management, and academic director of the MSc in Management of Innovation programme at RSM. He specialises in disruptive innovations, strategy implementation, and leadership, combining his business experience from Unilever and academic experience to research what motivates managers’ search for new strategic initiatives, and how managerial power and leadership affect the generation of novel ideas. Now, his research focuses on creating innovative organisations by taking a behavioural approach. His research has been published in leading management journals as well as international media including the Financial Times and Harvard Business Review.

    Prof. dr Tom Mom
    Tom Mom is professor of strategic growth and implementation at RSM, and academic director of RSM’s Executive MBA programme. His expertise is at the crossroads of strategic management and entrepreneurship, and includes strategic renewal, strategy execution, scale-ups, and ambidexterity. In addition to research, he teaches strategic management and entrepreneurship in RSM’s executive education, PhD and MBA programmes, and carries out advisory projects on strategic renewal for companies and governments plus new business development, strategic growth, scaling-up, and strategy implementation. His research has appeared in leading academic journals and managerial journals.

    Mr. Hans Hannappel
    Hans Haanappel is an experienced trainer and lecturer in corporate finance, valuation, modelling and financial management. He has provided training to professionals working for international investment banks, accountancy firms, and private equity and institutional investors for more than 15 years. Hans also teaches in MSc, MBA and Executive Education programmes at RSM, and at Nyenrode Business University. He has 20 years of advisory experience in corporate finance and valuation in various settings, such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A), strategic decision-making and dispute resolution. Hans holds an MSc in finance from the University of Tilburg, and graduated with honours.

  • Dates

    This programme is currently undergoing a redesign and will not run anymore in 2019. As an alternative we advise you to consider our executive programmes New Business Development or Digital Innovation. Please contact Eugène Kerpen to discuss your learning objectives and discover which programme suits you best.


    € 2,800 (excl. 21% VAT) including course materials, lunches, and snacks. This fee does not include hotel accommodation.

    10% discount for alumni from Erasmus University Rotterdam and RSM. More information about the discount.

    General terms and conditions

    Our general terms and conditions apply when you register for an open programme. Please review them to learn more about our policies for cancellation, deferral and substitution.


    The programme takes place in the Bayle building on the Woudestein Campus of Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

    Hotel accommodation

    We recommend Novotel Rotterdam Brainpark Hotel, adjacent to the university and less than five minutes’ walk from campus. Participants benefit from special rates.