Look at a problem in a different way

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Design Thinking course. It allowed me to look at a problem in a different way; it introduced multifaceted tools to determine the root cause and subsequently ideate solutions using various techniques. Additionally, it provided me with ways to gather consumer-centric insights which stretches beyond the data-driven insights that organisations tend to use. The course has really fortified my knowledge of how I can take an idea further; taking what is just a thought and making it tangible by applying design thinking tools.  

It may seem like an oxymoron, but I have learned that there is power in failure. Failure is something we may naturally avoid, yet I have learned through this course that failure is essential to innovate and to bring forth new insights. At a glance, the statement to ‘fail fast, fail often’, is likely to have a negative connotation, but it is in fact the moment where we learn, grow, innovate, progress. Going forward, I intend to place more emphasis on ‘what did we learn?’ from failure, rather than dwell on the output or result we did not desire.  

Working from home during the pandemic, I was eager to obtain outside-of-work stimuli, through content and interaction with other participants. I was very pleased with the set up and how each topic was covered in the modules. I enjoyed that each module was different in terms of content presentation and exercises; yet everything together was still very cohesive. The format of the content and platform were very user-friendly. There was a good a balance between theoretical content, articles and case studies. This RSM course was my first fully online course, and it turned out to be exactly the kind of thing I was seeking.”