Engaging Customers through Social Media

Engaging Customers through Social Media

How do you handle your organisation’s social media? Do you know when to get involved in the conversation, and when to stay quiet? Doing it well achieves better customer engagement and more word-of-mouth recommendations. Doing it right makes better use of your resources, your marketing budget and your employees with better reach than traditional media channels.

New research shows what brands need to do to achieve their marketing objectives through social media. It’s a constantly changing landscape: there’s a new and disruptive social channel or platform every three years so you will learn how to use social media principles and knowledge from other media, and apply it to new platforms. This two-day programme is not a ‘How To Guide’ for Facebook and Twitter. It’s more than that.

You will focus on commonalities across social media platforms, and explore underlying social processes that drive customer behaviour. You will also learn the technical details behind current practice. The programme is led by Dr Jason Roos, Assistant Professor in RSM’s Department of Marketing Management.

Key benefits

During the programme, you will:

  • investigate the current social media landscape and the peoplewho participate in these dynamic communities
  • learn which posts get comments, which get ‘likes’, and why neither are likely to go viral without outside help
  • consider the role of your social media team in your brand’s online personality and community
  • discover new tools that can help you monitor and manage your message.

The course is based on academic research. You will apply this knowledge through in-class activities.