Mr. Machiel van Nieuwaal
Machiel is the commercial manager for Maasdam Groep BV, and a partner in the Centre for Commercial Innovation consultancy. The Maasdam commercial approach is innovative. Sales, marketing, communication and innovation are merged into one department of commerce. This in order to be able to align commercial energy. Trend and data analysis, new forms of lead generation, digital sales, consultative selling and an extreme focus on value creation for customers, play a role. Machiel is excellent in combining his strategic thinking with hands-on execution.

Mr. Faust Mertens
Faust has a background in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and is an expert in customer strategy, sales force effectiveness and sales leadership. He has successfully advised many international corporate organisations across industries about developing an approach and culture for high-performance sales. He is consulted by senior management and investors on boosting sales. 

Dr Helge Klapper
Helge Klapper is an assistant professor at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. He joined RSM in 2017 after completing his PhD at the University of Vienna, Austria. His research interests include organizational decision making and novel forms of organizing and innovating. More specifically, his work examines information exchange in organizations as part of the strategic decision making process and how authority affects coordination and cooperation conflicts.

Dr Anne Nederveen Pieterse
Anne Nederveen Pieterse is an associate professor of organisational behaviour at RSM. She has published research on team functioning and leadership. More specifically, her expertise lies in dealing with issues of diversity, self-management, and information exchange in teams. She also teaches team leadership, team decision-making and research methodology to university students and executives.

Anthony Eve
Anthony Eve is a senior partner at Global Business Management Consultants, where he is managing director of the America’s division, and vice-president of its consulting division in England where he also directs the UK operations. He has broad experience in production engineering, project and change management, and management system development with a strength in people development and management of complex change programmes. He has led multi-disciplinary teams, and has a management style based on performance, empowering and team development in various industries, including transportation, government, pharmaceutical and IT. He has successfully implemented organisational change within organisations worldwide including Melexis, Coca-Cola, Roche and Airbus.

Mr. Maurice Jansen
Maurice Jansen is a senior researcher, lecturer and business developer. At the Erasmus Centre for Urban Port and Transport Economics, Maurice researches how ports and port-cities can be developed sustainably with economic and societal values in mind. He develops and provides education that teaches port, supply chain and transport professionals how to deal with wicked problems such as zero waste, carbon neutrality and digitization. Previously, he directed the MSc Shipping and Transport at the Netherlands Maritime University of Applied Sciences. He was also supply chain solutions developer at freight forwarding company UTi Worldwide, and transport consultant at KPMG Consulting. 

Dr Marie Schmidt
Marie Schmidt is an assistant professor of operations management at RSM. Marie’s research interests cover optimisation in transportation planning, decision-making under uncertainty (in particular robust optimisation), multi-criteria optimisation and game theory. Marie obtained her PhD in mathematics from University of Goettingen. Her PhD thesis Integrating Routing Decisions in Network Problems received the dissertation award of the German Operations Research Society in 2012.

Dr Floortje Blindenbach-Driessen
Floortje Blindenbach-Driessen is the founder and CEO of Organizing4Innovation, a consultancy company facilitating professional service organisations in their innovation efforts. Her research concentrates on innovation in professional service companies, in particular on how to best organise innovation processes. Based on scientific knowledge, Floortje developed a unique approach to innovation that focuses on the innovation champion instead of the new product or service under development, suiting the innovation needs of knowledge intensive professional service organisations. She has taught at business schools in the USA, Belgium, Russia, China.

Dr Maarten Boksem
Maarten Boksem is an associate professor of marketing at RSM. He holds a PhD in cognitive neuroscience, and has been involved in neuroscientific research for the past 20 years. He has a broad interest in human behaviour and in how the brain orchestrates this behaviour. His research topics range from the neural mechanisms of performance monitoring, the effects of fatigue on cognition, the effects of social status on behaviour, the effects of hormones on decision-making, to using brain measurements from just a few individuals to say something about the behaviour of a population. He was on the programme committee of the Neuromarketing World Forum from 2016-2018.

Dr Magdalena Cholakova
Magdalena Cholakova is an assistant professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship in the Department of Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship at RSM. She studies decision-making under high uncertainty, by mapping configurations of individual and organizational level factors that enable effective judgment. She has explored this topic in the context of early-stage project evaluations, entrepreneurial venture creation and organizational adaptation. Her research draws on theories from psychology, organizational theory and strategy and bridges the micro and macro levels of analysis.

Dr Anna Nadolska
Anna Nadolska-den Ouden is Assistant Professor of Strategic Management at the Department of Strategy and Business Environment at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Anna joined the department upon completion of her PhD in internationalisation through mergers and acquisitions at Tilburg University. Her research focuses on corporate development activities, such as mergers and acquisitions, and how firms can learn to undertake them more successfully with a particular interest in the role of top management teams in that process. Her broad portfolio of courses encompasses corporate development in the Master’s program as well as international management and industrial organisation in bachelor programs.

Dr Iuliana Sandu
Iuliana Sandu is a lecturer in the department of Accounting & Control at RSM. She earned her master’s degree in Economics and Finance of Aging at Tilburg University, her master’s degree in Accounting, Audit and Management Information Systems and her PhD in Pension Fund Performance at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Her teaching activities relate to financial and management accounting topics. Her interests are in educational innovations, data analytics and accounting.

Prof. Gui Liberali
Gui Liberali is a professor of Digital Marketing at the RSM. Gui has successfully developed and applied methods for designing and customizing digital products and interactions, and adaptive online experimentation methods to online display advertising and website design, in research collaborations with firms in the U.S., U.K, and Europe. His work has been published in the most prestigious journals and has been cited in various technology blogs, magazines, and textbooks in marketing and operations research. Prof. Liberali holds a Doctorate in Marketing, and a B.Sc. in Computer Science. Gui was a visiting scholar at the MIT Sloan School of Management for several years. Gui is also Vice-President for Membership at the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science and an ERIM Fellow. He was awarded a two-year grant by the E.U for his research on recommendation systems.

Dr Jan van Dalen
Jan van Dalen is an associate professor of statistics at RSM. He is the co-founder of the recently established Erasmus Centre for Data Science and Business Analytics, and co-director of E-Urban, and leads the Urban Big Data knowledge lab in collaboration with the City of Rotterdam. His main research interests are in quantitative analysis of information, logistics, trade and organisational processes, and he has been involved in research programmes that include monitoring trade and traffic flows with CBS, trade lane risk assessment in Cassandra, and cross-chain collaboration in 4C4More/Dinalog. He has extensive teaching experience in applied statistics, forecasting and big data in bachelor, master and executive teaching programmes.

Dr Dion Bongaerts
Dion Bongaerts is an associate professor of Finance at RSM. He specializes in credit markets and market liquidity. The use of innovative technologies in financial markets is of particular interest to him. His work has been presented at major conferences around the world, including the AFA, WFA, EFA, and NBER meetings and published in top tier academic journals including the Journal of Finance and Review of Financial Studies. He has received several grants, including a Veni grant from the Dutch National Science Foundation (NWO) and a Lamfalussy Fellowship from the ECB. Dr. Bongaerts holds a PhD degree in Finance from the University of Amsterdam, an MSc in Econometrics from Maastricht University and has been a visiting scholar at Yale School of Management. Moreover, he has several years of professional experience as a risk management quant at ABN-AMRO bank.

Florian Madertoner
Florian Madertoner lectures at RSM, and researches capital structure theory, behavioural finance, fraud, and the history of finance. Florian teaches banking, finance and business in three modules and a minor in RSM’s international bachelor programme, and financial analysis and valuation in the MSc Finance & Investments, and also about financial markets and communication in RSM’s Executive Master in Corporate Communications. He received the "Professor of the Year Award" in 2016, 2017 and 2018 for his undergraduate course on corporate finance. He worked in banking and forensic auditing for 10 years and holds a Master degree in banking and finance from the University of Vienna.

Prof. Hans van Oosterhout
Hans van Oosterhout is a professor of corporate governance and responsibility at RSM. His research is in comparative corporate governance, involving comparisons between various national corporate governance systems, as well as comparisons between different forms of enterprise organisations. His current research focuses on how jurisdiction level institutions shape the respective role of owners and executives in publicly listed firms, and on the corporate governance challenges and practices of professional partnerships, family firms, and philanthropic organisations.


Dr René Olie
René Olie is an associate professor of strategic and international management at RSM. After obtaining a master degree in organisational psychology at VU University Amsterdam, he received his PhD training at the University of Maastricht under leadership of Professor Geert Hofstede, a world-renowned expert in national cultures. This laid the foundation for a broad interest in the field of international and comparative management including research topics such as how companies can achieve optimal integration in their cross-border operations while dealing with many national and cultural challenges.

Dr Meir Shemla
Meir Shemla is an assistant professor at RSM. His work focuses on exploring factors that help teams realise their potential. He has particular interest in how diversity in teams can be leveraged to increase innovation and performance. Meir’s area of expertise include: team leadership, diversity management and policy, and leadership and emotions. He teaches team and diversity management to students, executives, and corporate clients.

Dr Ruud Tusveld
Ruud Tusveld is the partner in charge of the Dutch Customs & International Trade practice of PwC, leader of the PwC EMEA Customs & International Trade group, and global co-ordinator for the customs network worldwide as a member of the global indirect tax leaderships team of PwC. Ruud is involved in customs consultancy of any kind, but specialises in customs regime aspects related to distribution and production of goods such as customs warehousing, processing reliefs and centralised solutions, and customs valuation in relation to transfer pricing and excises. In all cases, this is combined with advise on the related main international VAT aspects.

Dr Arjen Mulder
Arjen Mulder is an Assistant Professor in Corporate Finance at RSM. He earned his doctorate in business at Erasmus University Rotterdam. His research interests are corporate finance and government interventions in private sector decision-making, such as taxation and investment subsidies for otherwise uneconomic investments. Arjen worked at the Netherlands Economic Institute (now Ecorys) prior to obtaining his PhD. His teaching activities focus on corporate finance and value creation.

Dr Raymond van Wijk
Raymond van Wijk is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Strategy and Business Environment at RSM. He obtained his PhD from Erasmus University Rotterdam with a study of the organisation and integration of knowledge in internal networks. Much of his research has been published in journals and books. His current research focuses on alliance portfolios, knowledge transfer and innovativeness. He teaches courses on strategic alliances, corporate development and core strategy.

Dr Frieda van Belle
Frieda van Belle holds a PHD in Physics from Cambridge University and worked for McKinsey & company and Snappet before joining SparkOptimus (Digital Transformation Consultancy). As a project manager for McKinsey she focused on operational excellence, strategy and innovation and transformation in education. At Snappet she set up and managed digital innovations in primary education, as well as building a sales team and the back-end for a fast-growing start-up. With the growth of Snappet she decided to apply her passion for digital innovation to a broader field, and joined SparkOptimus as a partner.

Prof. Eric van Heck
Eric van Heck is a professor of information management and markets at RSM. His research concentrates on business architectures and digital platforms for dealing with complex societal and business challenges. At the moment he works on Auction Markets, Big Data & Analytics, Digital Business & Architecture, and Digital Work. Research is carried out in collaboration with innovative companies and universities in Brazil, China, Europe, Indonesia, and USA. He is an active member of the Erasmus Center for Data Analytics and the Erasmus Center for Future Energy Business.

Dr Marian Dingena
Dr Marian Dingena is a visiting faculty member at RSM. She teaches business-to-business marketing and sales in several executive education programmes such as Strategic Account Management, and in RSM’s customised programmes. She has published many articles, and is co-author of Successful Marketing Planning and Transformational Sales. A revised edition of her bestseller Key Account Management was published in 2016. Marian specialises in strategic customer management, business strategy, commercial innovation and change management. As a change management consultant for the last 25 years, she has extensive experience in commercial change processes in B2B markets across a wide range of industries.

Mr. drs. Marein Smits
Marein Smits is sinds 1997 advocaat ondernemingsrecht en heeft ruime ervaring met transacties in Nederland en daarbuiten. Zij geeft ook advies aan familiebedrijven en aan besturen van grotere ondernemingen en zorginstellingen. Marein is mede-eigenaar van Wintertaling Advocaten & Notarissen in Amsterdam en geeft daar leiding aan de sectie Corporate M&A. Wintertaling is een nationaal en internationaal opererend nichekantoor dat zich richt op de grotere niet-beursgenoteerde onderneming en op zeer welgestelde particulieren. Marein was eerder partner Corporate M&A bij Boekel De Nerée.
Marein studeerde Nederlands recht aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam en filosofie aan de Universiteit Leiden. Ze behaalde in 2001 de Post Doctorale leergang Ondernemingsrecht aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam. Op dit moment voltooit zij zelf de opleiding Business Valuation, omdat zij sterk overtuigd is van de meerwaarde die het programma heeft voor een transactie-advocaat.
Marein is sinds 2011 kerndocent recht aan RSM’s Business Valuation opleiding.

Mr. drs. Eric Vermeulen
Eric Vermeulen is als belastingadviseur verbonden aan AKD N.V. te Amsterdam, een groot advocaten-, notarieel en belastingadvieskantoor dat zich met name richt op grote en middelgrote ondernemingen en organisaties. In 1992 heeft hij – naast zijn fulltime job -  de studie Fiscaal Recht en in 1993 de studie Fiscale Economie aan de Katholieke Universiteit te Brabant afgerond. Hij is sedert 2002 verbonden aan de RSM Business Valuation opleiding als kerndocent Fiscaal Recht van de opleiding. 
Zijn praktijk bestaat voor 50% uit internationale adviesopdrachten en voor 50% uit nationale. De opdrachten behelzen met name nationale / internationale herstructureringen, fusie- en overnames, renteaftrek-perikelen en optimalisatie van de fiscale positie in het algemeen. Hij is tot slot fiscaal commentator van arresten en uitspraken voor het Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Fiscaal Recht.

Jan Vis is Founding Partner van Talanton Valuation Services te Amsterdam. Als adjunct professor is hij verbonden aan Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, en director van het Competence Center Business Valuation van RSM. Daarvoor vervulde hij diverse functies in het onderwijs en bedrijfsleven. Onder meer als docent economische wetenschappen, controller, financieel directeur en lid van de Raad van Bestuur. In de laatste functie was hij werkzaam, in Brussel en Londen, voor een Braziliaanse multinational. Onder zijn leiding zijn omvangrijke reorganisaties uitgevoerd en werd een nieuwe internationale organisatiestructuur geïmplementeerd.
Publicaties op het gebied van management control (Beheer van buitenlandse dochterondernemingen), waarderingsvraagstukken en waardemanagement. Onderzoeksgebieden: waarderingsvraagstukken, strategisch waardemanagement en marktprocessen. Jan Vis staat sedert de eerste uitgave vermeld in de Quote Professionals Gids, waarin de 500 beste Nederlandse adviseurs zijn opgenomen.

Eline Peeters
Eline Peeters is a senior trainer and executive coach with a broad expertise in the fields of leadership, personal effectiveness and communication. She believes that development starts with consciousness and is nurtured by experience. That’s why she finds focus on both awareness and experimentation essential. Eline facilitates and challenges people to expand their comfort zone in matters of leadership by using appreciative inquiry and curiosity. She searches for what drives behaviour by exploring convictions and values.

Dr Sofya Isaakyan
Sofya Isaakyan is an assistant professor of organisational behaviour at RSM. Her research focuses on understanding employees' upward expression of ideas and concerns about work-related issues such as voice behaviour, and the corresponding reactions by managers and team members. In her work, she also explores factors affecting leadership development and leader identity. Sofya is actively involved in MBA teaching, and also delivers customised executive development programmes. She received her PhD in organizational behaviour from Maastricht University in 2018. Before entering academia, Sofya worked in human resource management and in consulting.

Prof. Bruno Mascello
Bruno Mascello is an adjunct (titular) professor for business law and legal management at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and is appointed Vice Director at the Executive School of Management, Technology and Law (ES-HSG). He also is the Director of the executive programme "Management for the Legal Profession" providing management education to lawyers. Further, he lectures at both the Executive School and the University of St.Gallen, is a keynote speaker at conferences and researches and publishes about various topics at the intersection of law and management. Before joining the University of St.Gallen he served at Zurich Financial Services in various leading management positions of the worldwide legal function (i.a., as Chief Operations Officer Group Legal; Regional General Counsel Middle East), after having worked first as a senior attorney in law firms focused on international corporate and business law. Bruno Mascello studied law at the faculty of law (lic.iur./masters of laws), earned a Ph.D. (Dr.iur.) and completed an Executive MBA at the University of St.Gallen. He also holds an LL.M. in Comparative Jurisprudence from New York University School of Law. He is admitted to the Swiss Bar and provides legal and legal management consulting services.

Prof. Leo Staub
Leo Staub is a titular professor of business law and legal management at the University of St. Gallen, where he is also one of the directors of the Executive School of Management, Technology and Law, and chairs the law and management division. His primary area of academic interest is in the intersection between law and business. Leo lectures on topics such as strategy, client relations, business architecture and leadership in legal environments, specifically on how to manage legal risks. Before joining St. Gallen, he practised corporate law as a co-founder and senior partner of one of the top 10 law firms in Switzerland from 1986 until 2008.

Dr Martijn F. Rademakers
Martijn Rademakers is a visiting faculty member at RSM and adjunct professor of corporate strategy at Amsterdam Business School. He is also managing director of consultancy Sollcorp, and founding board member of TONOS, a start-up for planning capacity and logistics for healthcare organisations. He is experienced in education and consultancy for bridging theory and practice of business innovation, organisational change and strategic leadership. He researches the interconnectedness of strategy, organisation and leadership. He is an author of several books; Corporate Universities: Drivers of the Learning Organization is published in five languages, and he is editor of the special edition Journal of Creating Value (Nov 2019).

Dr Barbara Banda
Barbara Banda is highly skilled coach for senior leaders and is a visiting faculty member at RSM, Duke Corporate Education, and TIAS School for Business and Society. She’s a specialist in leadership development, business strategy and organisational change, and has led large-scale strategic change projects for multinationals, government departments and non-profits. Her doctoral research focused on the importance of connecting management education to the workplace, for which she has created education programmes. She has an PhD in Management Learning, an MA in Organisational Change, an MSc in Training and Performance Management, an MBA, and a BA in German and Russian.

Dr Bart Dietz
Bart Dietz is an Assistant Professor in RSM’s Department of Organisation and Personnel Management. His research focuses on strategy, leadership and teamwork in the management of sales professionals and he is also managing partner at executive search firm Career Openers. He has published in the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and he is on the editorial board of Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management. His PhD is on managing sales people towards performance, from RSM, and he has an MBA from Brandeis International Business School.

Prof. Dirk van Dierendonck
Dirk van Dierendonck is a professor of HRM, organisational psychologist, and dean of faculty at RSM. He also co-founded the Erasmus Centre for Leadership. Dirk’s expertise includes servant leadership and leadership development, wellbeing, happiness and burnout. He encourages people to become the best they can be, using an evidence-based approach grounded in psychology and management. His research has been published in leading journals on management, organisational behaviour and human resource management. Dirk translates academic knowledge into practical tools for HR professionals, such as EU-funded projects about cultural diversity, age management and artful leadership.

Prof. Gabriele Jacobs
Gabriele Jacobs is professor of organisational behaviour and culture at RSM, researching the management of change in the private and public sector. She is academic director of RSM’s Centre of Excellence in Public Safety Management, which delivers top-level multidisciplinary research, and is involved in EU studies on international security management. Gabriele obtained her PhD from the University of Münster, and worked at HEC Paris and the University of Cologne. She publishes in international academic and practitioner publications, and regularly presents her work to international experts. She has more than 25 years’ experience of teaching students and executives in the domains of business, health and security.

Prof. Pursey Heugens
Pursey Heugens is professor of organisation theory at RSM. He is also RSM’s dean of research, and the scientific director of the Erasmus Research Institute of Management. Pursey researches comparative corporate governance and strategy in emerging markets, organisational processes in family firms, and behavioural, institutional and ecological theories of organisation. He is an associate editor of the Academy of Management Journal, and co-director of the Erasmus Centre for Family Business. He received his PhD in strategic management from RSM in 2001, and won various awards for his scholarly work and teaching. Through his research and teaching executive education, Pursey is in close contact with the corporate world.

Prof. Lucas Meijs
Lucas Meijs is professor of strategic philanthropy and volunteering at RSM. He researches strategic philanthropy, volunteer and non-profit management, and involved learning. He was co-editor in chief of Nonprofit and Voluntary Action Quarterly, and guest researcher and visiting scholar at universities in Australia and the USA. Lucas teaches courses on NGO/NPO management, business-nonprofit relations, service learning, consultancy and social entrepreneurship. He is board member of the ING Nederland Fonds, and the International Sports Alliance for NGOs. He has also been a member of the Dutch Council on Social Development (RMO) and the national task force on volunteering.

Prof. Henk Volberda
Henk Volberda is a professor of strategic management and innovation at Amsterdam Business School of the University of Amsterdam, and has had various academic roles at RSM. He has been a visiting scholar at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and City University Business School in London. Henk researches organisational flexibility and strategic change. He holds various executive and advisory positions, for example at NXP Semiconductors Netherlands, and the Netherlands Defence Academy. He is also an expert member of the World Economic Forum and a fellow of the European Academy of Management.  Henk obtained his doctorate in business administration cum laude at the University of Groningen.

Dr Philip Stiles
Philip Stiles is associate professor in organisational behaviour at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, and director of the Centre for International Human Resource Management. He has worked at London Business School. He researches people, leadership and culture. He developed a research group involving 30 multinationals worldwide. This research is focused on the linkages between leadership, culture and innovation. Philip won the University of Cambridge Pilkington prize for teaching excellence, and an IBM faculty award. He consults to organisations in the private and public sector concerning leadership and talent management, performance management, development and change management.

Prof. Finn Wynstra
Finn Wynstra is a professor of purchasing and supply management at RSM, and a fellow of ERIM. He also holds an endowed chair sponsored by the Dutch Association for Purchasing Management (NEVI). His research particularly focuses on the interplay of supply and innovation processes, and buyer-supplier relations in business service contexts. He recently researched the design and implementation of performance-based contracts in capital expenditure projects and other service contexts. His work was published in various journals, and he co-authored two textbooks: Buying Business Services and Developing Sourcing Capabilities. Finn is involved in developing and teaching academic courses in the Netherlands and abroad.

Alfons Willemsen
Alfons Willemsen is visiting faculty at RSM and partner at Involvation, where he is responsible for international improvement projects in S&OP/IBP, supply chain strategy, and demand planning. He initiated Involvation’s learning approach, `The Value Chain Academy’. He studied industrial engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology and worked at ExxonMobil and Royal DSM, where he played a key role in the global implementation of S&OP, VMI and demand planning. Alfons has extended his expertise and experience through assignments at companies including ABInBev, AkzoNobel, Canon, Coca-Cola, Danone, DSM, DuPont, FrieslandCampina, Henkel, Rituals and Whirlpool.

Dr Frank Wijen
Frank Wijen is associate professor of strategic management at RSM. His research focuses on different facets of sustainable business, including stakeholder influences on corporate environmental practices, voluntary sustainability standards, and self-regulation around transnational commons. Frank published in top tier academic and practitioner-oriented journals and holds editorial positions at several academic journals. He was marketing manager of a globally operating textile recycling company and is owner-manager of an international trade firm. He holds a PhD in management from Tilburg University, where he also worked as a senior researcher.

Prof. Albert Veenstra
Albert Veenstra is the scientific director of the Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics (Dinalog) and professor in international trade facilitation and logistics at Eindhoven University of Technology. At Dinalog, he develops and executes the innovation agenda for the Dutch logistics industry. He was senior business consultant at TNO from 2011 to 2014. Before that, he was an assistant professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Albert has broad experience in international freight transport and logistics, regulatory compliance in supply chains, and multimodal freight transport and synchromodality. He was also part of the scientific co-ordination team of large European integrated projects.

Dr Peter Tielemans
Peter Tielemans is a principal consultant at Involvation. He focuses on implementing and improving S&OP/IBP processes, and optimising the underlying processes of demand and supply planning, and supply chain collaboration. With over 20 years of experience as an SCM consultant, he has extensive knowledge of supply chains for food, consumer products, healthcare and telecommunications. Peter studied physics at Utrecht University and Eindhoven University of Technology, and has a PhD in supply chain management from RSM. He initiated and led supply chain planning teams at EY and Capgemini Consulting, and was an adjunct faculty member at RSM for over 10 years.

James Parker
James Parker is a partner at Parma Consulting Group, and has more than 30 years of experience in consulting and managing professional organisations. He worked for McKinsey & Company in North America, the UK and the Netherlands, was a founding partner of Mitchell Madison Group, and managing partner of Boer & Croon Corporate Strategy. He was also a director of First Level Young Executives,  and manager of Barclays International Banking in Canada and Zaire. James co-authored Changing the leopard’s spots: Renewal of the professional firm (2009). He has an MA from the University of Oxford, and an MBA from INSEAD.

Dr Jingyi Liu
Jingyi Liu is associate professor at the Communication University of China, and advisor at educational programmes worldwide. She has been the Chinese director of Groningen Confucius Institute, research director of Panmedia Institute in China, and has researched media economics and political marketing strategies at Michigan State University. She trains and facilitates cultural intelligence assessment and development in international teams, and helps to bridge education, research and team-building between China and the Netherlands. She launched the Global China Insights journal in 2013 to share knowledge and global perspectives about China. She holds a master in cultural philosophy and a PhD in communication.

Dr Cynthia Kong 
Cynthia Kong is an assistant professor in RSM’s department of technology and operations management. She was also an assistant professor of operations at Adolfo Ibáñez University in Santiago de Chile for four years. Her research focuses on health care operations management and behavioural operations, with the goal of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of health care systems with methodology in operations. She completed her PhD in operations management at the National University of Singapore.

Dorothy Grandia
Dorothy Grandia is assistant director of the Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations (ECWO) at RSM, and media director for the Energy Economics Institute at the University of Cologne. She also coaches and teaches communication courses at RSM and INSEAD. Working mostly in STEM industry contexts, Dorothy specialises in persuasive communication, particularly communication strategies to improve communication between (technical) specialists, cross-functional peers and general management. She worked in journalism and politics in the USA. She has an MA in vocal performance from the New School University/Mannes College of Music, and a BA in Asian studies from the University of Texas at Austin.

Prof. Marc Goedhart
Marc Goedhart leads the RSM Diploma Programme in Business Valuation. He is professor of corporate valuation at RSM and has more than 20 years of experience in advising companies across Europe and Asia on corporate finance and valuation issues at McKinsey & Company. He is one of the leaders of McKinsey’s Strategy & Corporate Finance practice in the Benelux, and co-wrote Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Valuation of Companies. He is a member of the editorial board of the quarterly journal McKinsey on Finance, and has published extensively in the McKinsey Quarterly and academic journals. Marc is a regular contributor to courses in finance at academic institutions in Europe.

Dr Marja Flory
Marja Flory is a senior lecturer in organisation theories and change, storytelling and cross-cultural management at RSM. She is also the academic director of the MSc Organisational Change & Consulting. Marja has delivered courses and lectures at HEC Paris, ESADE Barcelona, and the University of Essex in the UK. She has provided consultancy services to national and international organisations for team building, organisational culture and change, and has led courses on influencing and leadership skills. She has coached managers for more than 30 years. Her current research interests include storytelling, artful leadership and reflexive methodology.

Prof. Dianne Bevelander
Dianne Bevelander is executive director of the Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations at RSM. She is also professor of management education with a focus on women in management. Dianne was previously the associate dean of MBA programmes at RSM. She has held several successful strategic leadership and management positions. Dianne is a champion of diversity and inclusion. She teaches personal leadership development to MBA students at RSM and various other business schools internationally. She also runs masterclasses for women in leadership positions, and is often asked to speak on diversity for international organisations.

Prof. Ed Peelen
Ed Peelen is partner at ICSB, a consulting agency for strategy and marketing. Ed is also a professor at special appointment in content marketing at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and academic director of professional development programmes at the UvA’s Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. He specialises in customer experience management, business model innovation, content marketing and marketing in general. Ed has done extensive research and published books in customer relationship management and marketing. He was previously professor of marketing at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Nyenrode Business Universiteit. He co-founded RSM’s Sales Leadership Diploma Programme.

Prof. Gerrit van Bruggen
Gerrit van Bruggen is a professor of marketing at RSM. He is an expert on the way marketing strategy and decision-making can exploit opportunities, which new information technology and social media offer. He is a well-published and cited academic, with articles in premier academic research journals in both marketing and information systems, for example Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Management Science and MIS Quarterly. Gerrit worked for companies including Oracle, SHV, 3M, Railpro, and Malmberg. He received his PhD from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Dr Merieke Stevens
Merieke Stevens is an associate professor of operations management at RSM. Her research focuses on buyer-supplier relationship dynamics. Merieke is particularly interested in cooperation between organisations to enhance innovation; the role of digital tools in supply chain management; and advantages and disadvantages of trust in supply chains. Her teaching topics include operational excellence, lean strategy, procurement in healthcare, and IoT in buyer-supplier co-ordination. Merieke has held visiting positions at The Wharton School, the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Economics, and École Polytechnique Paris. She serves on the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Operations Management. Merieke obtained her PhD in operations management at the University of Cambridge.

Prof. Dirk Schoenmaker
Dirk Schoenmaker is a professor of banking and finance at RSM, and a fellow at the Brussels-based think-tank Bruegel. He promotes new, integrated thinking of all players in the financial system, including central banks, supervisors, asset managers, analysts, lenders and auditors. He wrote A framework for positive finance, and co-wrote the first textbook on sustainable finance Principles of sustainable finance. His research and teaching aim to incorporate sustainability into mainstream finance. His research topics include sustainable finance, central banking, financial supervision and stability, and European banking. Dirk obtained his PhD in economics from London School of Economics.

Prof. Peter Vervest
Peter Vervest is professor of information management and networks at RSM. His key research areas include decision science; network technologies and applications; business networks; competitive strategy; and change management. He joined Philips Telecommunications and Defense Systems in the early days of connecting computers to telecommunication networks, and has served on international standards and policy committees. He co-founded a high tech software and project firm in London, worked in public research and at KPN, the Dutch national telecom operator, and worked in managing early stage investment funds in Europe and Silicon Valley. He has published articles and books on the development and use of complex networks.

Prof. Rob Zuidwijk
Rob Zuidwijk is professor of global supply chains and ports at RSM. He teaches about freight transport systems, intermodal transportation, international logistics and supply chain management, and interorganisational systems in logistics. His work has been published in journals such as California Management Review, Transportation Science, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management and Production and Operations Management. He has participated and co-ordinated funded research projects in international logistics and container transport. Rob is the academic director of RSM’s Executive Master in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance programme. He also acts as Captain of Science in the Topsector Logistiek.

Mr. Nicolaas Smit
Nicolaas Smit is a visiting faculty member at RSM, and a teacher in St. Gallen University’s executive education programmes. He is also senior consultant at the Account Management Center, and founder of Rebellution renewal consultancy. Prior to this, Nicolaas served as global marketing and business development director in a high-tech company in Silicon Valley, where he was leading sales transformation and the development of high-level business relations in the energy sector. Nicolaas has extensive global experience across a wide range of industries working as strategy and change management consultant. He has a law degree from VU Amsterdam.

Dr Javier Marcos Cuevas
Javier Marcos Cuevas is a management educator, researcher and consultant with 20 years of experience working in academia, consultancy and in multinational corporations. He is the director of Learning for Performance, a training practice for sales effectiveness and strategic customer management. He holds positions as a senior industrial fellow at the University of Cambridge IfM ECS, and visiting fellow at Cranfield School of Management, and teaches at IE Business School, the William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan, and other business schools.

Sheena Patel
Sheena Patel is the founder of wellness company Savsani. With her successes in athletics and years of experience in corporate America, Sheena now aims to help individuals and communities to achieve their goals through a simpler, organic, and holistic approach. She has taught stress management and nutrition courses at MIT, dealt with life-threatening patient care at Massachusetts General Hospital, and founded a registered yoga school. Over the past 12 years, her mission has carried best practices and industry standards which have led to more energised and productive people through innovative wellness solutions for companies, luxury properties and professional athletes.

Mr. Vin Morar
Vin Morar is an international consultant specialised in intrapreneurship and cross-cultural management. He has 32 years’ work experience in more than 40 countries. For corporate enterprise, he has developed a process to enable organisations to improve their productivity from internal efficiencies and external efficacy. And for cross-cultural management, he offers training, advice and consultancy for companies considering foreign ventures. His clients include, DSM, IKEA, Arcadis, British Gas, Saudi Aramco and business schools. Vin also advises on development projects on behalf of institutions and non-profit organisations including the Dutch government, World Bank, African Development Bank and the EU.

Dr Ferdinand Jaspers
Ferdinand Jaspers is programme director at the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. His teaching and consultancy activities focus on innovation leadership. Based on his expertise at the intersection of strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship, he teaches courses, masterclasses and boot camps on corporate entrepreneurship, innovation excellence and entrepreneurial culture. With a rigorous academic perspective, Ferdinand helps entrepreneurs move beyond approaches such as lean start-up, design thinking, business modelling and effectuation. Together with experts from DSM and ING, Ferdinand founded the ECE Innovation Leadership executive programme. He holds a PhD from RSM.

Dr Joris Hulstijn
Joris Hulstijn is an assistant professor of information systems at Tilburg School of Economics and Management. He has a background in information systems and IT auditing. His research concentrates on computational forms of auditing, such as model-based auditing process mining, continuous control monitoring and their applications, for example in regulatory compliance and e-government. For this, he often collaborates with government organisations such as the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. Joris teaches courses on enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, cyber security and project management.

Dr Inga Hoever
Inga Hoever is an assistant professor in RSM’s department of organisation and personnel management. She specialises in studying workplace creativity, team excellence, and their intersection. Put simply, she is interested in explaining how teams can bring out the best in each other – and why they so often do not. Her research addresses questions of individual and team creativity, diversity, perspective taking, and communication in teams. She teaches on a variety of issues regarding organisational behaviour, human resource management, and team management to students and executives.

Prof. John Hayes
John Hayes is emeritus professor of change management at Leeds University Business School and a regular contributor to executive programmes at Copenhagen Business School, Aarhus School of Business, USI Università della Svizzera italiana and Singapore Management University. His research focuses on processes of change and development in organisations, and on the way managers think. He has published more than 60 papers and 10 books including The Theory and Practice of Change Management. John also works with individuals and teams to facilitate change in complex organisational settings. He has worked with international and global companies, public sector organisations in the USA and UK, and charities.

Prof. Steffen Giessner
Steffen Giessner is professor of organisational behaviour and change at RSM. He researches organisational psychology and management. His primary topics are change management, leadership, team management and non-verbal communication. Steffen has authored and co-authored many papers in these areas, and his research has received media coverage in publications including The New York Times, Financial Times, The Guardian, Harvard Business Review, Harvard Business Manager and The Wall Street Journal. He has an MSc in psychology from the University of Kent at Canterbury in the UK, and a PhD in psychology from the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena in Germany.

Mr. Lennart Fagel
Lennart Fagel is a partner at Orange Orca, a specialist in customer value management training, change management and implementation, and he supports sales teams in understanding and implementing value within their organisations. He is also a specialist in tender offers. He believes customer value management is a progressive, practical approach to managing business markets with two basic goals. The first is to deliver superior value to targeted market segments and customer firms, and second is to get an equitable return on the value delivered.  He implemented customer value management projects locally and globally at companies including Sappa, Sabic, CP Kelco, Omron, Elkem and Tetra Pak.

Prof. Petra Saskia Bayerl
Saskia Bayerl is professor of digital communication and security at the Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence and Organised Crime Research (CENTRIC) at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. Before joining CENTRIC she was co-director of RSM’s Centre of Excellence in Public Safety Management. She speaks at police and security conferences, has extensive teaching experience, and is a member of advisory and ethic boards of EU projects. She also co-edits books, including Big Data for National SecurityOpen Source Intelligence, Community Policing and Cyber-Kriminologie. She holds master degrees in psychology, linguistics and organisational dynamics, and a PhD from Delft University of Technology.

Mr. Paul Tjiam
Paul Tjiam is head of the soft intellectual property (IP) and media practice at law firm Simmons & Simmons. He advises clients on trademark, copyright, design and freedom of speech issues. Paul has been involved in several landmark cases, for example in proceedings where Google was ordered to hand over IP-addresses and personal information on its Google Reviewers posting fake reviews. He also worked on media litigations about two broadcasts on the safety of medical devices. And he has represented CEOs and board members in several libel or freedom of speech matters. Paul studied law at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and holds bachelor degrees and master degrees in criminology, and art and culture sciences.

Dr Stefano Tasselli
Stefano Tasselli is an associate professor in RSM’s department of technology and operations management. His research and teaching focus on organisational social networks, organisational behaviour, leadership and new business development, with specific empirical focus on the healthcare industry. He was a consultant for McKinsey & Company, and has held teaching and research positions at the University of Cambridge UK; and at the University of Lugano and at Bocconi University in Italy. Stefano has received several academic awards, and in 2018 was one of the 40 ‘Best Business Professors under 40’ according to Poets & Quants, and ‘Best Italian Business Professor under 40’ according to ASFOR.

Dr Mignon van Halderen
Mignon van Halderen runs the Professorship Thought Leadership in a Society of Change at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven. She is skilled in taking an evidence-based approach to business problems, qualitatively and quantitatively, and making academic models useful for a business audience. Her expertise is the pursuit of thought leadership strategies, and how change agents manage transformational processes. Her professorship is to develop innovative knowledge on thought leadership and transformational strategies, and share this with organisations, researchers, communication professionals, teachers and students. In 2014 she won a ‘Lecturer of the Year’ award.

Dr Joana Vassilopoulou
Joana Vassilopoulou is a senior lecturer at RSM and associate professor at Brunel Business School London. She researches gender and race equality at work, diversity, and talent management. She has developed and delivered training in managing gender, diversity and HRM for organisations in Europe and the UAE, and at RSM’s Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations. Joana has been published in several international journals, and was an associate editor at the European Management Review (EMR), where she is now the editor of the Xenophobia Monitor. She obtained her degree in social science at the University of Duisburg-Essen, and her PhD at Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia.

Mr. Jaap Weijers
Jaap Weijers is leadership trainer and executive coach. He inspires teams to improve interaction and increase awareness on current behaviours and beliefs. Pragmatic, involved and focused on performance, he also includes the most recent knowledge of neuro leadership. Jaap founded Jawel, which provides leadership courses and coaching for leaders and teams. Jawel’s expertises are organisational, team and personal development. Jaap mainly coaches management teams to increase collaboration and performance, giving individuals insight into their values and behavioural drivers. He writes articles on leadership and is the co-author of Jouw drijvende kracht (Your driving force).

Dr Ingo Zborschil
Ingo Zborschil is a visiting faculty member at RSM and a managing consultant for Siemens’ Global Marketing Services in-house consultancy. He has more than 25 years of management experience in leading global projects and is a certified management trainer for Siemens’ internal training institution for account management, product management and B2B as well as strategic marketing management. At Siemens he is responsible for project management of B2B strategy, global sales, marketing consulting and market research projects. He holds a PhD and an MBA from Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany, and an MBA from Kansas State University, the USA.

Prof. Daan Stam
Daan Stam holds the endowed chair of Leadership for Innovation in the department of technology and operations management at RSM, where he leads the innovation management group. Daan’s research focuses on leading innovation and change, and he is particularly interested in understanding why some people are able to gather strong support for innovation and change while many others struggle to do so. He has searched for answers by studying the behaviours of leaders making plans using a psychological perspective, and found that identity issues are key to solving this mystery. Daan Stam is a member of the Erasmus Centre for Leadership Studies and the Erasmus Centre for Innovation Management.

Prof. Ale Smidts
Ale Smidts is a professor of marketing research at RSM. He has worked in neuromarketing for 15 years, and is considered a pioneer for research in this area. At RSM he teaches neuromarketing at the bachelor, master and executive level. He and his research team have published on topics such as the neural processes underlying social conformity, celebrity effects in advertising, neural profiling of brands, tracking emotional experiences in real time, and the predictive value of brain markers. He was a board member of the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association (NMSBA) from 2015-2018.

Dr Lonneke Roza
Lonneke Roza is an academic researcher at RSM. She is passionate about how people and organisations interact to shape organisational behaviour for positive social change. She specialises in corporate social responsibility (CSR), particularly community involvement strategies such as corporate citizenship; corporate community involvement; and corporate philanthropy. She has published various articles on this topic in international academic journals and popular publications, and co-edited various books. She has the skill to translate academic insights into relevant output for managers in booklets, blogs, and workshops. Next to her research profile, Lonneke teaches in non-profit management, social entrepreneurship and CSR.

Dr Jason Roos
Jason Roos is an associate professor of marketing management at RSM. He researches the areas of entertainment, new media, and digital advertising, and has appeared in top academic journals such as Marketing Science and Management Science. He specialises in applying expertise in data analytics and Bayesian econometrics to answer marketing questions. Before entering academia, he worked as a consultant and software engineer in Seattle, USA, and was managing director of an internet marketing and software firm. He earned his PhD in marketing from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, and received the prestigious INFORMS Society for Marketing Science Dissertation Award in 2011.

Prof. Jan van den Ende
Jan van den Ende is professor of management of technology and innovation at RSM. His expertise is in the development process of new products, new services and new business models in firms – a process that is key to every company’s performance. His research focuses on organising the process of creating ideas, selecting projects, developing products and commercialising them. He studied innovation in firms such as ING, ASML, Philips and Unilever, and also in smaller project-based companies and firms in the horticulture sector. Jan teaches methodologies for scenario development, business model innovation, design thinking, strategic assessment, disruptive innovation and lean innovation.

Prof. Karen Maas
Karen Maas is professor of accounting and sustainability in the department of finance and accounting at the Open University, which is based in the UK. Karen is also academic director of Impact Centre Erasmus, a research institute in Rotterdam that focuses on impact strategy and management. Her focuses are sustainability, measuring performance and impact investing. Karen is also responsible for the executive Corporate Social Responsibility programme at the Erasmus School of Accounting and Assurance. She is a member of the Sustainable Finance Lab and the Sustainable Pension Investment Lab. Her work has been published in academic journals and books, on radio and in newspapers.

Prof. Willem Schramade
Willem Schramade is a guest researcher and teacher of sustainable finance courses at RSM, and is founder of The Sustainable Finance Factory consultancy. He specialises in integrating sustainability and societal impact into finance, valuation and investments by helping financial professionals to think further than the short term, and gives them the tools to integrate sustainability into their financial analyses. He also built the Global Equity Impact Opportunities fund at NN Investment Partners which generated financial and societal returns. He was an equity analyst at Robeco, and has held positions at GE and PwC. He is a co-author of Principles of Sustainable Finance with Prof. Dirk Schoenmaker.

Dr Mark Lee Hunter
Mark Lee Hunter is adjunct professor and senior research fellow at INSEAD and an award-winning investigative journalist as well as an authority on watchdog media, including their methods, business models and impact on organisations. He teaches new media at RSM and at Stockholm School of Economics Riga. He has taught in 39 countries on five continents. He is a prolific author of articles and books about stakeholder-driven media and organisational communication, with murder and politics among his more than 100 investigative feature articles. He directed an eight-country investigation of the Common Agricultural Policy, in partnership with Greenpeace. He has a bachelor degree from Harvard and a PhD from the Université de Paris.

Dr Bas Koene
Bas Koene is director of the RSM Case Development Centre. Before joining RSM, he worked as a management consultant and at the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. Bas studies human agency and leadership in processes of institutional change and organisational development. He is specifically interested in the organisation of work and the management of employment. Recent projects focus on management and organisation of flexible employment and project-based work in the gig economy, and on the role of human resource management in processes of organisational change and development.

Prof. Muel Kaptein
Muel Kaptein is a professor of business ethics and integrity management at RSM. His research interests lie in the area of ethics management, compliance programmes and soft-controls. He wrote seven books and has published 50 peer-reviewed articles in academic journals including Journal of Management StudiesJournal of Organizational Behavior and Academy of Management Review. Muel teaches courses in CSR, leadership, governance and business ethics. He is also equity partner at KPMG where he helps organisations in developing and auditing their integrity. 

Dr Rebecca (Bex) Hewett
Bex Hewett is an assistant professor of human resource management at RSM. Her research focuses on the interface between HR practices and people’s experiences at work, examining how HR practices can best be implemented to enhance performance and well-being. She teaches courses to executives and students at all levels, is academic director of RSM’s MSc HRM, and helps organisations to apply research to practice. She completed her PhD on the relationship between workplace rewards and motivation at Royal Holloway, University of London. Before that she worked as an HR professional for 10 years, most recently as head of HR operations for the UK’s communications regulator, where she gained wide experience as a team leader.

Dr Hannes Leroy
Hannes Leroy is an associate professor at RSM, and academic director of the Erasmus Centre for Leadership. His expertise is in authentic and inclusive leadership, and how to develop it. His talent is  facilitating personal development by bringing people out of their comfort zones. He has published research on effective leadership in organisations, particularly on how to develop leaders. A particular interest is authenticity and the development of authentic leadership, a leadership style that is anchored in the unique identity of each leader. He taught at Johnson School of Business, Cornell University, and has a PhD in applied economics and organisational leadership from the University of Leuven in Belgium.

Mr. Hans Hannappel
Hans Haanappel is an experienced trainer and lecturer in corporate finance, valuation, modelling and financial management. He has provided training to professionals working for international investment banks, accountancy firms, and private equity and institutional investors for more than 15 years. Hans also teaches in MSc, MBA and Executive Education programmes at RSM, and at Nyenrode Business University. He has 20 years of advisory experience in corporate finance and valuation in various settings, such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A), strategic decision-making and dispute resolution. Hans holds an MSc in finance from the University of Tilburg, and graduated with honours.

Prof. Dennis Fok
Dennis Fok is professor of econometrics and data science at the Econometric Institute, Erasmus School of Economics (ESE). He specialises in developing models to describe, understand and predict decisions made by consumers. His technical interests include modelling unobserved heterogeneity, marketing econometrics, and Bayesian statistics. His research has been published widely in peer-reviewed academic journals. He also served as associate director of the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM), and has supervised many econometrics master students with business-related data research theses.

Prof. Patrick Flood
Patrick Flood is professor of organisational behaviour at Dublin City University, and co-author of Persuasive Leadership: Lessons from the Arts and 10 other books. He is an award-winning researcher, consultant and international teacher of organisational behaviour, leadership and change management, and an elected Fellow of the UK’s Academy of Social Sciences (FAcSS). He advises start-ups and top management teams on functioning and leadership development to improve the effectiveness of organisations. His research work focuses on the impact of leadership and human resource practices on organisational performance, and he has worked at business schools in North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

Fleur de Lima
Fleur de Lima is a business transformation director Change & Learning at GKN Aerospace, and an accomplished executive trainer, facilitator and coach. She is passionate about working on corporate and theatre performances. Fleur is founder and owner of Performance in Business, applied lessons from the arts in leadership- and organisational development, and of TAT (The Art of Theatre), an international theatre company. Her PhD research focuses on the utility of theatre-based OD interventions in organisational change. Fleur is visiting faculty at RSM and at Cambridge Judge Business School, where she teaches leadership development, HR and change.

Dr Bart de Langhe
Bart de Langhe is a visiting faculty member at RSM, and an associate professor of marketing at ESADE in Barcelona. He taught and researched at universities in Europe as well as in the USA and China. He researches the psychology of consumer and managerial decision-making, with an emphasis on data-driven decisions. His research is published in leading academic journals such as Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, and Management Science, as well as managerial publications such as Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. The Marketing Science Institute recognised him as one of the most promising young marketing academics in 2017.

Dr Kees Berends
Kees Berends is a visiting faculty member at RSM, and an independent consultant and legal mediator. He specialises in methods and techniques for strategy development and execution, with a focus on stakeholder management and capital contracting under high levels of uncertainty. He has worked with Royal Dutch Shell for over 25 years, as project manager, contracts manager, and general manager with global accountability for contracting strategies, contract management, claims and assurance of major projects. He has published academic work, and has a PhD on contracting economics for large engineering and construction projects, as well as an MBA from Henley Business School and an MSc in Mechanical Engineering.

Mr. Terence Barry
Terence Barry is a creative communications professional specialising in storytelling. His consultancy, Brand and Story helps corporations discover, develop and present stories that build a stronger, more resonant brand. Through workshops, guided learning and one-on-one coaching, Terence helps senior executives find their ‘voice’ and become confident in delivering information in a way that inspires employees, reassures investors and engages customers. He has worked on the brand development of four car companies: BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and Bentley, in Hollywood, at Romanian film festivals, and on the set of Game of Thrones in his native Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Dr Jelle de Vries
Jelle de Vries is assistant professor of operations management at RSM, where he also earned his PhD cum laude in behavioural operations in logistics. His research focuses on the influence of behavioural characteristics and outcomes in operational settings, and he has published in the Journal of Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, and Transportation Research Part E. His PhD dissertation won the Jo Van Nunen Prijs for the best PhD dissertation in the Netherlands on a logistics-related topic. In 2018 he received a prestigious NWO VENI grant to further develop his research into the role of human behaviour in modern operations management.

Dr Michael Becker-Peth
Michael Becker-Peth is an assistant professor of operations and supply chain management at RSM. His research focuses on behavioural operations management, for example in the field of inventory management and supply chain contracting. His research has been published in leading academic journals such as Management Science and European Journal of Operational Research. Before joining RSM, he worked as an assistant professor at the University of Cologne. He obtained his PhD in supply chain management and MSc in business administration, both also from the University of Cologne.

Mr. Antonie Knoppers
Antonie Knoppers is a trainer, coach, facilitator, guest speaker and actor who has worked with a variety of corporate clients. He is a guest faculty member at the University of Maastricht and the University of Amsterdam as well as RSM. The goal of his training sessions is to bring out leadership qualities by creating presence and a centred mind and body. He approaches corporate challenges with a pragmatic, goal-oriented style using theatrical techniques and frameworks. He also trains for hospitality and communication skills, team building and coaching, storytelling and presentation skills. He has master degrees in international economics and finance, and in fine arts.

Ms. Milly Obdeijn
Milly Obdeijn is a trainer and executive presence coach with a professional background in performance and dance, and two bachelor degrees; in social pedagogical studies and creative dance. She specialises in body-oriented coaching, and designs and facilitates programmes for personal and leadership development that focus on presence, communication and embodied leadership. Her teaching provides insightful and practical tools to enhance personal presence and show connected self-leadership – also in stressful and challenging situations. Obdeijn has more than 21 years of experience as a trainer and coach for large international and national companies, Dutch ministries, universities, and consultancies.

Mr. Paul Kerr
Paul Kerr is visiting faculty at RSM Executive Education. He was originally trained as a psychologist, and has spent over 15 years training coaches in business. His special interests include leadership development, executive coaching and organisational learning. Paul has designed and delivered training programmes internationally in areas such as coaching skills, coach-the-coach, and leadership development. His background lies in management training and development, human resources management, consulting and coaching in the Netherlands, the UK and Japan. His publications about coaching include a book and numerous articles.

Mr. Sandro da Silva
Sandro da Silva is an executive coach who works with organisational members and teams, from entry-level to executive, to develop their skills and improve their performance, to prepare and strengthen them for future challenges and to allow them to reflect and renew themselves. He is accredited by Ashridge Executive Education at Hult International Business School in the UK, as well as the International Coach Federation and the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. As a trainer, supervisor and mentor for aspiring coaches, his services are used by leadership development firms, universities and business schools in the UK, Scandinavia, Brazil and the USA for organisational behaviour and leadership.

Prof. Vareska van de Vrande
Vareska van de Vrande is professor of collaborative innovation and business venturing, and academic director of the part-time PhD Programme in Management at RSM. Her expertise is in corporate venturing and collaborative innovation, including external technology sourcing, corporate venture capital investments, strategic alliances, and collaborations for corporate start-ups. She teaches strategic management and corporate venturing. Other research interests include corporate entrepreneurship, patents, and venture capital. Vareska is also a visiting professor at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland, and a certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator.

Prof. Arjen Slangen
Arjen Slangen is professor of international business at KU Leuven and visiting professor at RSM. He researches corporate internationalisation such as international relocations of headquarters and foreign market entry modes. He has been published in top-tier journals in international business and general management. Arjen is a member of the editorial review board and reviewer of several academic management journals. He was awarded several Best Paper prizes and grants, including a four-year research grant from FWO, the Flemish organisation for scientific research. He completed his PhD at Tilburg University in 2005. He was also a visiting scholar at the University of South Carolina. 

Dr Jatinder Sidhu
Jatinder Sidhu is an associate professor of strategic management at RSM. He teaches strategy at graduate and undergraduate levels. He researches corporate leadership; company performance and commitment to sustainability; organisational identity and decision-making, creativity and innovation; and the effects of diversity and inclusiveness on strategy and business model innovation. He has been the academic director of RSM’s MSc in Strategic Management, and the national representative of the Netherlands at the European Academy of Management. He is also the Erasmus Governance Institute’s scientific director. He earned his PhD degree at the Tinbergen Institute, Erasmus School of Economics.

Prof. Patrick Reinmoeller
Patrick Reinmoeller is associate professor of strategic management at RSM, and chaired professor of strategic management at Cranfield University’s School of Management. He teaches courses on strategic management, strategic innovation, and international and corporate strategy. He specialises in reflective methods and practices for bringing strategy to life in teams, organisations and ecosystems to boost performance. His research focuses on how companies’ practices and dynamic capabilities enable companies their leaders to gain competitive advantage. Patrick has worked with leading multinationals including Astra Zeneca, DT, Eisai, GSK, KPN, Philips, Schlumberger, Strauss, Teva, and T-Mobile.

Prof. dr Tom Mom
Tom Mom is professor of strategic growth and implementation at RSM, and academic director of RSM’s Executive MBA programme. His expertise is at the crossroads of strategic management and entrepreneurship, and includes strategic renewal, strategy execution, scale-ups, and ambidexterity. In addition to research, he teaches strategic management and entrepreneurship in RSM’s executive education, PhD and MBA programmes, and carries out advisory projects on strategic renewal for companies and governments plus new business development, strategic growth, scaling-up, and strategy implementation. His research has appeared in leading academic journals and managerial journals.

Prof. dr Justin Jansen
Justin Jansen is professor of corporate entrepreneurship at RSM. His award-winning research and publications provide new perspectives into the roles of leadership, start-ups, organisational ambidexterity, corporate entrepreneurship, and new developments to improve long-term viability and performance. Justin is scientific director of the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, and is on the editorial board of several academic publications. He is also a consultant, speaker, and advisor to various companies and government agencies. He has developed management training in how organisations can identify and implement new growth paths, strategic leadership, and combine innovation and operational excellence.

Mr. Paul Hazell MEd MCIPD ACIB
Paul Hazell is a business change and training specialist with more than 30 years of experience as trainer, facilitator and consultant. He specialises in negotiation skills and executive coaching, and trains managers to enable others to become confident in changing work environments. Paul has worked in international banking, trade and corporate finance. He has taught at Management Centre Europe, the Executive Leadership Foundation in Brussels, The American University in Cairo and Manchester Business School. He has a master of education in training and development from the UK, is an associate of The Chartered Institute of Banking, and a member of The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Prof. Walter de Wit
Walter de Wit is professor of international and European customs law at Erasmus School of Law, where he is programme director and tutor for the Post-master in EU Customs Law programme in the European Fiscal Studies Foundation, and is a core faculty member for in RSM’s Master in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance programme. He is also a partner at professional services firm Ernst & Young, where he advises clients on indirect taxes, customs and international trade. Walter specialises in international trade and how taxation and customs law impact cross border supply chains, and has served as Advocate General in the Tax Chamber of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.

Prof. Yao-Hua Tan
Yao-Hua Tan is professor of ICT at Delft University of Technology. He is scientific co-ordinator of an EU-funded research project to develop data analytics and AI to improve customs risk targeting, and scientific co-ordinator of PEN-CP to build a network for European customs for innovation R&D. He researches service engineering and governance: IT innovation for e-customs; IT architectures for compliance management for international supply chains; and AI and data analytics for customs risk targeting and logistic efficiency. Yao-Hua published five books and over 220 conference papers and journal articles. He is also the programme director of RSM’s Master in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance.

Dr Marc Baaij
Marc Baaij is an associate professor of strategic management at RSM. Previously he worked for the Boston Consulting Group as manager of research and strategy consultant, and at IBM in sales and marketing positions. He specialises in methods and techniques for strategy development and execution, with a focus on stakeholder management and foresight development under high levels of uncertainty. He has written professional books and scientific articles on strategic management, management consultancy and structured problem solving. Marc holds degrees in economics and strategic management.

Mr. Patrick Lybaert
Patrick Lybaert is a trainer and consultant in organisational growth and development, corporate transformation and culture change. He has led courses in the European banking sector, and conducts individual coaching and counselling for managers. He works with top management teams to help them to define mission, strategy and vision, and to find ways to work effectively to achieve their goals. He co-founded several organisations to support managers moving up towards success, deliver seminars and learning solutions worldwide, and create a network of global leadership experts and practitioners. More than 40,000 participants from various sectors have attended Patrick’s seminars.

Prof. Ting Li
Ting Li is a professor of digital business at RSM, and the academic director of the MSc Business Information Management programme, and of the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics. Her teaching expertise covers information strategy, digital commerce, social and mobile analytics, and social networks. Before joining the academic world, she worked for General Electric and IBM in e‐business in supply chains, web services, and grid computing. Ting’s research interest focuses on the strategic use of information and its economic impacts on consumer behaviour and company strategy. She has worked with Shell, KPMG, PwC, Accenture, Coolblue, Wehkamp, Zelf, Tweakers, Shop2Market, Dutch Railways, and RET among others.

Dr Murat Tarakci
Murat Tarakci is an associate professor of innovation management, and academic director of the MSc in Management of Innovation programme at RSM. He specialises in disruptive innovations, strategy implementation, and leadership, combining his business experience from Unilever and academic experience to research what motivates managers’ search for new strategic initiatives, and how managerial power and leadership affect the generation of novel ideas. Now, his research focuses on creating innovative organisations by taking a behavioural approach. His research has been published in leading management journals as well as international media including the Financial Times and Harvard Business Review.

Mr. Thomas Blekman
Thomas Blekman is an affiliate clinical professor in entrepreneurship and innovation with an emphasis on change management and leadership at RSM. As an entrepreneur, Thomas co-founded the Global School for Entrepreneurship, where he is the dean. At his University of Applied Sciences, Blekman is the architect of a fully-fledged BSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Thomas is a whirlwind who brings incredible amounts of creativity and passion into his teaching, and effortlessly moves back and forth between academia and practice.

Dr Dirk Deichmann
Dirk Deichmann is associate professor of innovation management at RSM. His research into the management of ideas addresses how managers can support the continuous and sustained generation of new ideas. Dirk identifies criteria for evaluating and selecting ideas, and tells firms about conditions that facilitate the use of high quality ideas. His research has been published in highly-rated scientific journals such as Strategic Management Journal and Organization Science as well as in the widely read Harvard Business Review. Dirk teaches creativity, design thinking, and innovation management.

Dr Rodrigo Belo
Rodrigo Belo is associate professor at RSM. His research focuses on the effects of information systems on organisations and on the impacts of social network structures and peer influence on consumer behaviour; it has been widely published. He specialises in the design and deployment of large-scale randomised experiments to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and to optimise online user engagement. He has led and collaborated in projects with established firms and start-ups in the online and telecommunications sectors. Before joining academia, Rodrigo worked as a software engineer and analyst in transportation and government. 

Prof. Erik Peek
Erik Peek is professor of business analysis and valuation at RSM. He researches financial analysis, accounting and valuation, and international financial reporting. Before RSM, Erik was associate professor at Maastricht University, and has been a visiting associate professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He received his doctorate from VU Amsterdam in 2001, and has held Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) status since 2002. He has published articles in major academic journals including: Contemporary Accounting ResearchJournal of Business Finance & Accounting, and European Accounting Review. He co-authored the textbook Business Analysis and Valuation: IFRS Edition.

Prof. Stefano Puntoni
Stefano Puntoni is a professor of marketing at RSM. He teaches marketing strategy, brand management and decision-making, and has taught at Lancaster University, London Business School, Bocconi University and the American University in Cairo. The Financial Times named him a ‘Professor to Watch’. He researches how new technology is changing consumption and society, focusing on automation, artificial intelligence and technological unemployment. He is an MSI Scholar, and has won several grants and awards. His research on branding and consumer behaviour has appeared in many leading journals. He holds a PhD in marketing from London Business School and a degree in statistics from the University of Padova.

Dr Ying Zhang
Ying Zhang is associate professor of entrepreneurship and innovation, Chinese economy and business at RSM. She is the RSM associate dean for China business and relations, and the founder of the Erasmus China Business Centre. Her research includes economic transitions and entrepreneurship development at national level, social capital and firms catching up at company level, and entrepreneurial cognition as well as entrepreneurship education at individual level. Ying is also a strategic advisor at Strategic Swiss Partners, and has extensive business experience in and with China.

Mr. Rijk W. Schildmeijer
Rijk W. Schildmeijer is a partner, trainer and Master Black Belt at The Lean Six Sigma Company. He has always been a process improver, at work and when studying for his master in chemical technology at the University of Twente. Rijk has 20 years’ experience as a Lean Six Sigma Black and Master Black Belt. He helps companies perform better with a structured approach, and has coached hundreds of Green Belts and Black Belts in English, German and Dutch to certification within multinationals such as DuPont de Nemours and Alcan (now Rio Tinto). Rijk has led many Kaizen Events, summing up to millions of savings. He is also author of the book Six Sigma in Practice and co-author of Lean in Practice.

Prof. Michael Page
Michael Page is professor of finance and management at Bentley University in the USA, and an extraordinary professor at Stellenbosch University Business School in South Africa. His expertise is in management education, and in finance; measuring corporate value and risk, assessing portfolio performance and efficiency, ordinary equity research, and corporate finance. Throughout his 35-year academic career, he has applied his expertise through commercial consulting and leadership, and in business school life within the public and private sectors. He has held several strategic leadership and management positions. Michael serves on advisory boards for seven education institutions.

Daniel Liebau
Daniel Liebau is the founder of Lightbulb Capital, a consulting and advisory firm focusing on innovation. He was COO and an executive director of HSBC Securities (Singapore) Pte Ltd, and also head of IT for HSBC’s Investment Bank. He has over 19 years of experience in investment banking technology in Germany, the UK, Singapore and Tokyo. He is an affiliate faculty member at Singapore Management University, specialising in innovation in finance, fintech, blockchain, and digital assets. He is also a visiting professor at IE Business School in Spain. Dan is currently working towards his PhD at RSM researching blockchain and its effects on finance. He has an MSc in innovation and a master in finance.

Ir. Floris de Haan
Floris the Haan is a senior researcher, focusing on complex issues in the aviation industry. He advises governments, aviation companies and airports on policy issues, network development and process optimisation. At KLM, he was responsible for the revenue maximisation of its passenger network. And at Schiphol Group, he dealt with tariffs for regulated activities such as landing and take-off charges and security charges. He also developed Schiphol’s airfreight hub by attracting supply chain parties such as cargo carriers and freight forwarders to Schiphol. Floris teaches air transport economics at Erasmus School of Economics, and supervises BSc and MSc students in their graduation project. He is affiliated with IATA, and is guest lecturer at the University of Cranfield.