RSM’s New Business Development programme consists out of eight evening sessions that lead you to the ability to integrate innovative activities or products and create a strategic direction for these new business developments. The sessions cover all relevant topics on new business development and are followed by a presentation session, in which participants will defend their project assignments. The programme concludes with a graduation ceremony during which Prof. Henk Volberda will give a closing lecture on the business model innovation scan.

  • Strategic thinking and disruptive innovation
    This lecture is led by Prof. Jan van den Ende and will focus on:

    • defining new business development
    • successes and failures
    • strategy models in new business development
    • the innovator’s dilemma
    • barriers for disruptive innovation and possible solutions.
  • Business model rejuvenation
    This lecture is led by Prof. Paul Iske and will focus on:

    • agility and resilience
    • business model
    • business model innovation
    • combinatoric innovation.
  • Creativity and value proposition CANVAS
    This lecture is led by Dr Daan Stam and Dr Ferdinand Jaspers, and will focus on:

    • creativity defined
    • methods enhancing creativity
    • value proposition CANVAS development
    • customer discovery
    • discovery-driven planning.
  • Market learning and big data
    This lecture is led by Dr Dimitrios Tsekouras and will focus on:

    • when to involve customers in business development
    • online experiments
    • outcome-based customer interviews
    • product evaluation and observational learning
    • co-creation and crowdsourcing
    • big data and market analytics.
  • Open Innovation
    This lecture is led by Dr Vareska van de Vrande and will focus on:

    • open innovation, a new paradigm
    • benefits and drawbacks of open innovation
    • open innovation in large and small firms
    • effective and efficient collaboration with partners.
  • Organisational embedding of business development function
    This lecture is led by Dr Floortje Blindenbach-Driessen and will focus on:

    • innovation value chain
    • context dependencies relevant for embedding business development
    • traditional and alternative models for business development.
  • Financial and portfolio management
    This lecture is led by Dr Murat Tarakci and will focus on:

    • assessing value of innovation projects
    • innovations as real options
    • strategic buckets
    • crafting an innovation portfolio.
  • Frugal innovation and leadership in business development
    This lecture is led by Prof. Jan van den Ende and Dr Daan Stam, and will focus on:

    • innovation for emerging economies
    • reverse innovation
    • the case of Siemens in China
    • best practices in leadership
    • transformational versus transactional leadership
    • leadership and followership
    • leadership and disruptive innovation.