Practical tools and knowledge in strategy, leadership and trends

I followed this programme as part of my promotion and change of position to marketing manager for the EMEA region. RSM gave a good overview of the skills needed in general management. I liked the mix between theory and practical tips, and the group work we did in class. It was nice to meet professionals from other fields. I also liked the classes where several professors were teaching, it gave different perspectives.

The most practical learnings came from the leadership team course: how to deal with bad apples and how to conduct difficult conversations. The practical tips are easy to remember and I can apply them in daily situations at work.

I had to go out of my comfort zone for the strategic project. I developed new knowledge that could make a real difference if my company decides to implement the strategic ideas. I will be discussing it further with my management team.

Create additional revenue

In the applied research project, we looked at an opportunity rather than a problem. I investigated the opportunity to partner with other organisations to generate additional revenue. I liked that I could move along with the project at my own pace. I found the study materials with the videos on Canvas very helpful to study. The structure was helpful in building up my final project. And the sessions with my coach were always very productive to finetune the project and make improvements.

I advise all new managers to follow this programme – it gives great tools to think strategically, to present, to explore new trends and projects in a constructive manner, and also how to deal with the dynamics of your team.”