Are you moving into the role of a manager or supervisor for the first time? You will need techniques and competences for running your team smoothly and effectively; you also have to deal with pressure from your manager and team members. But you can’t navigate this phase in your career relying only on the skills you learned in your undergraduate studies.

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Learning goals

By participating in this course you will successfully deliver organisational transformation. 

  • Develop critical thinking skills about human resource management issues and go beyond the hype.  
  • Assess and shape organisational culture from different strategic perspectives.     
  • Articulate the needs of stakeholders and manage a process through which their needs can be satisfied.    
  • Create lasting value through people.  
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Find out more about the content of the programme

The Diploma Programme in General Management is made up of four modules plus an Applied Research Project. There is no specific order in which you need to follow the modules. The modules run throughout the year and the start date of the diploma programme depends on the choice of your first module.

Each module that is part of the diploma programme will be completed with a practical assignment. You will conclude the programme by completing your Applied Research Project. The whole programme can be completed within one to two years, and you must complete the Team Leadership module and the Applied Research Project in order to gain your diploma.

Recommended modules

The Team Leadership and Applied Research Project modules are mandatory. For the three other modules, you can choose from a selection of short programmes. We recommend you to follow the modules Team Leadership (mandatory), Finance for Non-Financial Managers, Digital Strategy, and a fourth subject that will equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel in your new leadership role.

Do you have the skills to be an effective team leader? Are you struggling with team leadership challenges and issues, or need to boost your skills to manage your team to collective excellence? In this three-day workshop, you will learn relevant team leader skills from RSM Executive Education's top faculty members. Your new knowledge and tools to deal effectively with motivational problems, dysfunctional team members, conflicts and lack of a common direction can be applied into your work immediately.

After this programme, you will be able to:

  •  understand how leading teams differs from leading individuals
  • deal with difficult team members before they affect the entire team
  • get the most out of your team members, knowledge and insights for collective decisions
  • create a strong and cohesive team identity by using effective leaderships tools
  • develop and communicate your vision for your team to inspire and motivate their efforts
  • implement processes and systems for your team’s success, independent of your efforts

Acquire a strong grounding in the most widely used financial tools. In two days on campus – plus some online work prior to and after the course – you will learn about financial reporting in balance sheets, cash flow and income statements, and how these are used for decision-making, performance management, business improvements and valuation. From November, RSM's Finance for Non-Financial Managers will include an individual assignment and a follow-up feedback session with your professor to discuss your progress.

When you have completed this programme, you will be able to:

  • explain how the role of finance can influence the overall success of an organisation
  • understand the key tools used by financial specialists
  • assess the financial performance of your organisation
  • interpret and evaluate financial data with your newfound practical skills
  • understand how organisations have become global leaders by driving their operational excellence
  • utilise your new, practical skills to interpret and evaluate financial data.

Learn how to take advantage of emerging disruptive technologies that are threatening to disrupt your industry, such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and block chain. Learn how to effectively compete in tomorrow’s digital landscape by anticipating digital trends and competitors’ responses.

When you have completed this programme, you will be able to:

  • recognise the impact and strategic implications of disruptive digital technologies on your industry
  • identify the challenges by understanding how digital technologies influence business functions
  • understand and manage digital ecosystems, electronic markets, and multi-sided platforms
  • turn disruption from threat into opportunity by experimenting with digital initiatives
  • capture new value for your organisation in anticipation of industry shifts by sharpening your strategic view of digital disruption.

The Applied Research Project (ARP) is the final and capstone module of RSM’s Diploma Program in General Management. It offers a unique experiential learning opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills developed in the diploma modules on a real-world business problem in your own working environment. After successfully completing the Applied Research Project, the Team Leadership module and your chosen three modules, you will be eligible to get your diploma. 

For whom

Explore if this course is for you

Your roles

  • Team manager
  • Project leader
  • Division lead

Your challenges

  • You are new to higher-level management responsibilities
  • Seeing yourself as a true leader
  • Updating your knowledge of cutting-edge management tools

Admission requirements*

  • You have little or no managerial experience
  • You have, or soon will have, budget responsibility
  • You have, or soon will have, an influence on your organisation’s strategy

*Your application will be final once we have informed you, based on the intake call, that your application has been accepted. If you are interested in developing your leadership qualities in a single short course, we advise you to look at our Team Leadership programme instead. 

Read what previous participants say about this programme

Julie Seuront

Marketing operations manager EMEA and APAC at OCLC

This programme makes new managers go out of their comfort zone. You learn great tools to think strategically, to present, to explore new trends and projects in a constructive manner, and also how to deal with the dynamics of your team. The strategic project and applied research project can make a real difference in my company. And the sessions with my coach were always productive to make more improvements. The practical tips are easy to remember and I can apply them in daily situations at work.

Eva Ramos

Technical manager innovation at Lawter

This was my first general management course – it was a fruitful one! Most of the knowledge we learned in the different modules was new to me. It is a great starting point for professionals who have been appointed manager for the first time, independently of their background. The next step for me is to acquire more knowledge in key areas such as strategy. RSM has really helped me get a feeling of the skills I need to further develop.

Claudio Patricio

Operations manager at Gate Terminal BV

RSM’s Diploma Programme in General Management is very well organised and structured. It focuses on fundamental key elements of management, helping managers to improve their competences. I chose RSM because of its reputation and I was not disappointed: the lectures were extremely professional and with a strong professional background. There was a pleasant work and training environment, and a relaxed atmosphere which added value. I highly recommend this programme!

Rick Balk

Logistics manager at Access World and EMBA participant at RSM

This was a great way to learn about finance, leadership, working in teams – and I could put this knowledge into practice in my job right away. Through the general management programme, I got a better understanding of those units and business aspects in my organisation. I advise anyone who is interested in business in general to follow these modules. It’s a great concept to understand topics which you are not yet familiar with.

Your expert faculty

During the RSM Diploma Programme in General Management you will learn from Dr Meir Shemla, Dr Raymond van Wijk, Dr Hannes Leroy and Dr Arjen Mulder. Occasionally we may substitute other faculty members according to the content of the programme and their availability.

Dr Meir Shemla

Meir Shemla is an assistant professor at RSM. His work focuses on exploring factors that help teams realise their potential. He has particular interest in how diversity in teams can be leveraged to increase innovation and performance. Meir’s area of expertise include: team leadership, diversity management and policy, and leadership and emotions. He teaches team and diversity management to students, executives, and corporate clients.

Prof. Ting Li

Ting Li is a professor of digital business at RSM, and the academic director of the MSc Business Information Management programme, and of the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics. Her teaching expertise covers information strategy, digital commerce, social and mobile analytics, and social networks. Before joining the academic world, she worked for General Electric and IBM in e‐business in supply chains, web services, and grid computing. Ting’s research interest focuses on the strategic use of information and its economic impacts on consumer behaviour and company strategy. She has worked with Shell, KPMG, PwC, Accenture, Coolblue, Wehkamp, Zelf, Tweakers, Shop2Market, Dutch Railways, and RET among others.

Dr Hannes Leroy

Hannes Leroy is an associate professor at RSM, and academic director of the Erasmus Centre for Leadership. His expertise is in authentic and inclusive leadership, and how to develop it. His talent is facilitating personal development by bringing people out of their comfort zones. He has published research on effective leadership in organisations, particularly on how to develop leaders. A particular interest is authenticity and the development of authentic leadership, a leadership style that is anchored in the unique identity of each leader. He taught at Johnson School of Business, Cornell University, and has a PhD in applied economics and organisational leadership from the University of Leuven in Belgium. 

Dr Arjen Mulder

Arjen Mulder is an Assistant Professor in Corporate Finance at RSM. He earned his doctorate in business at Erasmus University Rotterdam. His research interests are corporate finance and government interventions in private sector decision-making, such as taxation and investment subsidies for otherwise uneconomic investments. Arjen worked at the Netherlands Economic Institute (now Ecorys) prior to obtaining his PhD. His teaching activities focus on corporate finance and value creation.

More information

Programme dates

We run modules throughout the year. The start date depends on the choice of your first module.

Programme fee

€14,825 - €15,425 (depending on modules chosen, excl. 21% VAT) including course materials, lunches, and snacks. This fee does not include hotel accommodation. 


25% discount for alumni from Erasmus University Rotterdam and RSM.

Schedule your own development track

You are eligible to receive your RSM Diploma Programme in General Management when you complete four courses and your in-company research project. The whole programme can be completed within one to two years.

Frequently asked questions

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) offers a dynamic learning environment for professionals looking for new skills and knowledge in business and management education. 

  • RSM is consistently ranked among Europe’s top business schools.
  • World-class professors and a globally oriented faculty deliver business leaders with an innovative mindset.
  • A prestigious Triple Crown accreditation puts RSM among the top 1% of business schools worldwide.
  • With our no-nonsense approach, RSM's goal is to give you the tools to put your new skills and knowledge directly into practice, for real impact.
  • It’s about you: during your programme you can discuss your specific business challenges and receive personal coaching.
  • You will meet a new network of peers in an RSM programme: extend your network, share experiences and become inspired by your fellow participants.

This programme takes place in Bayle building on the Woudestein Campus of Erasmus University Rotterdam, just 15 minutes by public transport from Rotterdam city centre. Our modern and lively campus has innovative study facilities, sustainable design, and calming green spaces.

Most programmes start at 09:00. Finishing times are different for each programme. There’s also an approximate schedule in each programme’s brochure and on its webpages. When you register for a programme you will be given access to Canvas, our online learning system, and the full schedule is in Canvas. Your programme manager will hand out a detailed schedule on the first day of your programme.

Class sizes are usually between 12 to 24 people, but it does depend on the programme. We aim for a balance between allowing capacity to guarantee individual attention, and achieving a good group dynamic and networking opportunities.

Yes. Alumni from RSM and Erasmus University Rotterdam receive a 25 per cent discount. RSM alumni are those who have completed either a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, PhD or at least one executive education programme of more than 40 hours duration. Participants of open programmes of less than 40 hours do not receive a discount. Companies sponsoring several participants may also be offered a special price.

These programmes are excluded from this alumni discount:

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Excellence Programme
  • Leadership Challenges with Data Analytics
  • Urban Digital Innovation Executive Leadership for a Green Deal
  • Executive Master in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance
  • Business Valuation
  • Port Executive Leadership Circle
  • Corporate Communication programmes
  • Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship programmes
  • RSM Customised Programmes
  • Programmes offered outside RSM Executive Education

Programme fees include tuition, programme materials, plus lunch and refreshments throughout the programme. Hotel accommodation is not included, unless mentioned otherwise in the programme information.

If you require hotel accommodation, we recommend the Novotel Rotterdam Brainpark Hotel and the Bilderberg Park Hotel. Both hotels are located in Rotterdam, accessible to the university, and participants can benefit from special rates.

Please note that due to high demand, we advise you to book your hotel stay for any program as early as possible with a flexible rate.

Our general terms and conditions apply when you register for an open programme. Please review them to learn more about our policies for cancellation, deferral and substitution.

If you have more general questions, we recommend you explore our more in-depth FAQs page. If you are looking for personal advice, then please contact one of our advisors using the contact form below.

Manjeet Kaur

Programme advisor

It's my priority to help you identify how you can meet your professional objectives, so reach out and let's make a plan for your personal development.