We need to re-invent ourselves

“Our company needs innovation to survive – especially now. One of our company’s main markets is declining so we must re-invent ourselves. We need to find more opportunities for our bio-based raw materials in other industries that are looking for sustainable solutions. I needed basic tools to understand the analysis of all factors in this transformational period, and recognise gaps in my professional path. 

RSM helped me to broaden my view on my company’s business and decisions taken at board level. The key learning was to incorporate a different perspective in my analysis of this very challenging situation. That’s why the main goal of my applied research project was to accelerate the results in new business development through dynamic resource allocation.

A systematic approach

The applied research project as part of the diploma programme made me think thoroughly about the different factors influencing our volume loss, following the general declining trend of our main product. The analysis indicated that innovation is of high importance for the future of the company. A systematic approach leads to more meaningful conclusions. Following my strategic project, a pilot trial is ongoing where we have already shifted some capacity to key projects. Business results will reveal the effectiveness of this approach.

This was my first general management course – it was a fruitful one! Most of the knowledge we learned in the different modules was new to me. It is a great starting point for professionals who have been appointed manager for the first time, independently of their background. The next step for me is to acquire more knowledge in key areas such as strategy. RSM has really helped me get a feeling of the skills I need to further develop.”