A better understanding of business in your organisation

“This was a great way to learn about finance, leadership, working in teams, supply chain and operations – and I could put this knowledge into practice in my job right away. Through the general management programme, I got a better understanding of those units and business aspects in my organisation.

I addressed a real challenge that we’re dealing with in the Applied Research Project. In our industry it’s a common challenge that vendor management and purchasing in logistics is isolated. We created an advantage by developing a department where this problem got addressed and changed into a strength. We’ve currently implemented this at one location, and will continue to roll-out at others.

A stepping stone in your career

I advise anyone who is interested in business in general to follow these modules. It’s a great concept to understand topics which you are not yet familiar with. You learn various perspectives of people and business behaviour, and how to develop your own leadership skills and style. The experience left me wanting more, and I’m now enrolled in RSM’s Executive MBA programme too."