The Power of Storytelling

The Power of Storytelling

Why do inspiring leaders always seem to be great storytellers? Why do they have such impact? People who can successfully lead and inspire others are often so compelling because of their authenticity. During RSM Executive Education’s one-day The Power of Storytelling programme, you will learn how to attract followers and create enthusiasts and devotees among your customers, colleagues and business partners by finding, creating and sharing your own powerful stories.

Enhance your personal impact

The Power of Storytelling is taught by an expert practitioner in English. It will equip you with practical tools to dramatically enhance your personal impact. You’ll learn the history and theory of storytelling, its relationship to leadership, and the latest research. The practical part of storytelling will explore the best structure for your story, storytelling techniques, and the characteristics and use of different types of stories. And because the programme is highly practical, you can put your learning into action immediately.

Key benefits

Storytelling can enhance your ability to:

  • engage audiences
  • build trust-based relationships
  • inspire and influence stakeholders – including your customers and colleagues
  • convey your messages subtly and make them sticks
  • implify complex ideas and put them in a familiar context.
  • The Power of Storytelling programme is for every professional, whether you are a manager, consultant or entrepreneur. The programme is also suitable for anyone who wants to enhance his or her personal effectiveness at building trust-based relationships and influencing stakeholders, while remaining authentic.

    This one-day learning experience will help you to diversify and expand your repertoire of communication styles. If you already have some experience of storytelling, it will also help you to sharpen your skills.

  • “I wanted to learn how I could make an impact through storytelling. The Power of Storytelling at RSM was amazing. I learned how to structure a good story, what tone of voice to use, when to incorporate silence, and some other tips and tricks to engage and surprise my audience. The speaker used great examples, and all my questions were answered during the course. I also learned how to use the ‘people factor’ instead of facts and figures in stories. It was really inspiring.”
    Claire Davidson, category manager Drinks Nescafé at Nestlé Nederland BV

    “I like the combination of theory, reflection, discussion and practice. RSM’s programme will take my storytelling skills to the next level. I support various companies in their development towards becoming great employers. It’s so inspiring to listen to their stories about who they are, what they want to achieve and why and how they have created their own workplace culture. I want to be able to share their stories in the best possible way to increase their pride and inspire other companies to follow their example. The Power of Storytelling taught me various techniques I can use to tell these stories, which will be very helpful for my team and me.”
    Caroline Mullers, consultant at Great Place to Work

    “Storytelling in business is hot. I’m delighted that RSM has a programme about it. The Power of Storytelling was everything I hoped it would be. Nicolas Constantinesco was an inspiring teacher. I learned a lot about the history of storytelling, and got tools for how to best frame a conversation, which I now use in my daily work.”
    Eveline Graus, manager public affairs and communication at Nederlandse Brouwers and Nederlandse vereniging Frisdranken, Waters en Sappen

  • RSM's The Power of Storytelling is led by Terrence Barry.

    Terrence Barry
    In 2008 – after 15 years in the global automotive industry – Terence Barry had some questions. He had been involved in the brand development of four successful car companies: BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and Bentley, and had been using stories as a core part of the marketing and advertising mix throughout his career. But he wanted to know why these stories were so much more successful in connecting emotionally with his audience. Why did they help change beliefs and behaviours more quickly than facts and statistics? And why did they live on in the minds of the audience long after the initial experience had faded away?

    To answer these questions, Terence set off on a four-year story quest that took him from writers rooms in Hollywood, to film festivals in Romania, and eventually the set of Game of Thrones in his native Belfast, Northern Ireland. Along the way, he identified and codified the ‘secret’ structure that lies below the surface of all great stories.

    Today, through his consultancy, BRAND-and-STORY, he helps corporations discover, develop and present the stories that build a stronger, more resonant brand. Through workshops, guided learning and one-on-one coaching, Terence and his colleagues help senior executives find their ‘voice’ and become confident in delivering information in a way that inspires employees, reassures investors and engages customers.

  • On this page you will find practical information about the one-day programme The Power of Storytelling.


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    € 795 (excl. 21% VAT) including course materials, lunches, and snacks. This fee does not include hotel accommodation.

    10% discount for EUR and RSM alumni.

    Cancellation policy

    Cancellation notices must be received by email: The following cancellation fees apply:

    • More than 14 days before the programme’s start date: 25% of the programme fee will be charged
    • Between 14 and 7 days before the programme’s start date:  75% of the programme fee will be charged
    • 7 days or fewer before the programme’s start date: 100% of the programme fee will be charged
    • Cancellations received on or after the programme’s start date: 100% of the programme fee will be charged.


    The participant can be substituted by someone from the same company on the same course without extra costs.

    General terms and conditions

    Please click here to view RSM Executive Education’s general terms and conditions.


    The programmes take place at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Bayle (J) Building, Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam.

    Hotel accommodation

    If you require hotel accommodation in Rotterdam, we recommend Novotel Rotterdam Brainpark, adjacent to the university.

  • RSM’s one-day programme The Power of Storytelling runs several times throughout the year. Below you will find links to our registration forms. To register, select the application form with the date that suits you best: