How do our changing biological, physical, and mental health needs and experiences impact our working life? How can organisations ensure that everyone feels supported and a sense of belonging throughout these experiences?

Would you like to understand how better we can bring our complex, multi-layered human selves to the places where we work?

Are you eager to get a deeper understanding of how allowing women to be women lead to significant opportunities for organisations?

Join the conversation with Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations (ECWO) during a Masterclass collaboration with PhD researcher, consultant, and activist Maria Carmen Punzi on Tuesday February 6th 2024 at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM).

Our guest speaker will be Emma Russell, an executive coach, guest speaker at the Henley School of Business and facilitator of ‘The Biology of Leadership’.

During this Masterclass you will learn about how employees’ needs change throughout their life stages - for example when it comes to menstrual health, (in)fertility journeys, and the effects of hormonal treatments – to better understand why they matter to organisations and what can be done to address them. You will also learn how misunderstood women have been, almost as far back in history as we can go, and why this is a problem for everybody, regardless of sex or gender preference.

This Masterclass is for anyone – regardless of age, gender identity, or life stage – who is interested in learning about how tending to the physical, emotional and mental health needs of all employees creates a safe, inclusive and productive workspace, fosters better employee retention, improves trust and collaboration and increases respect for the different seasons of life.

Read more and register here.

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Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations (ECWO) is committed to fostering inclusion. Our founding purpose in 2014 was to empower women and to create a level playing field by building communities for organisational change. Today, ECWO has expanded its perspective to embrace a wider vision of a world of inclusive prosperity. Our new mission is to create a sense of belonging for everyone within organisations through diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), anchored in social safety. We strive for settings where everyone feels valued, respected and supported. We conduct research and produce evidence-led educational programmes, events, coaching, advocacy, and advisory services. We stay true to our roots, and we have evolved to recognise that achieving true inclusion and equity requires encompassing all, regardless of gender or identity.

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