In the vast realm of online retail, staying relevant is the holy grail that drives customer satisfaction and business success. With Erick Webbe, Head of Data Science at, we delved into the captivating world of relevancy and explored how cutting-edge technologies are reshaping the online shopping experience. 


The Quest for Relevancy: A Nail Polish Test

To understand the essence of relevancy in online retail, let's embark on a mini experiment. Open an online retail app on your phone and search for "nail polish." Take a moment to observe the results that appear before you. What stands out? What seems true, and what appears odd?
You may notice that the nail polish selection leans towards being predominantly modeled on lighter skin tones. Furthermore, the models showcasing the nail polish are predominantly women, and many would expect this already. This observation raises an important point: the traditional notion of relevancy in the world of nail polish assumes it is primarily for women. However, the landscape is evolving, nail polish is worn more broadly and the new generation challenges gender stereotypes and embraces all gender identities. 

Relevancy and Personalization in Online Retail

In the realm of online fashion retail, relevancy holds tremendous significance. It is essential for customers to find products and experiences that reflect their unique tastes, preferences, and identities. Failing to deliver relevancy can lead to disappointment and even negative emotional reactions.
At, relevancy is at the core of their mission to provide personalized experiences for every customer. They understand that customers are diverse, with varying needs and desires. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, continuously refines its approach to relevancy, ensuring that every interaction, every recommendation, and every product selection feels tailored to the individual.

The Power of Data and AI in Driving Relevancy

To achieve this level of relevancy, companies like rely on the power of data and artificial intelligence (AI)., with its vast customer base and extensive product catalog, gathers an immense amount of data. This data serves as a treasure trove of insights, allowing them to better understand customer behavior and preferences.

Through sophisticated machine learning algorithms, can curate personalized recommendations, ensuring that each customer's journey through their platform is relevant and engaging. By leveraging AI-powered chatbots, they provide real-time support and assistance, akin to having a knowledgeable salesperson guiding you through a physical store.

The Impact of Relevancy: Emotion and Customer Satisfaction

Relevancy goes beyond mere personalization—it evokes emotions and fosters deep connections between customers and brands. Research shows that when customers encounter irrelevant offers or products online, they experience disappointment and negative emotional reactions. Relevancy, on the other hand, triggers positive emotional responses and strengthens customer satisfaction.'s commitment to relevancy has not gone unnoticed. Their contextualized FAQ section, which tailors questions and answers to a specific customer's delivery process, has significantly reduced the number of support inquiries, enhancing customer satisfaction and saving valuable time for both customers and the company.

The Wider Relevance Revolution in Online Retail

While serves as a shining example of relevancy-focused innovation, the quest for relevancy is an industry-wide endeavor. Companies across the online retail landscape are embracing technologies that offer personalized recommendations, tailored support, and immersive experiences. The collective commitment to relevancy reflects a shared vision of creating meaningful connections and enhancing customer experiences.


As we conclude our exploration of the transformative power of relevancy in online retail, it becomes evident that technology is the driving force behind this revolution.'s commitment to creating personalized, customer-centric experiences exemplifies the industry's collective dedication to relevance and innovation.

By leveraging the power of data, AI, and machine learning,

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