Topic Talks

Topic Talks

Connect and share knowledge with talented young professionals to-be in one of our online Topic Talks. These are open and meaningful conversations about specific areas of business with RSM’s hands-on and motivated management students.

  • It is an easy way for your company or NGO to attract and eventually hire top business students for valuable internships, traineeships or even future employees.
  • Students can deepen their understanding of your business, learn more about the topic, and discover opportunities in the field.
  • Hear fresh and innovative ideas to boost your organisation in specific business areas.


Panel session and workshops

Your organisation can connect with RSM students through a 45-minute panel discussion on MS Teams with all participating companies. After that, you can host a 45-minute workshop with a group of maximum 20 students. You can select these students in advance through the RSM Career Portal, where students apply with their CVs or cover letters. The workshop can cover a specific area, for example digital branding, online recruitment techniques, measuring sustainability in finance – or any other field that you’re specialised in and relates to the Topic Talk.

What and when?

Topic Talks take place regularly during the academic year, and sessions are from 16:00-17:30 (CEST). Here’s the schedule – and be sure to check in for updates:



2 February 2021

What does it take to work at a nonprofit organization?

2 March 2021

Sustainable business and finance

25 March 2021

Diversity and inclusion in recruitment

29 April 2021

Career in startups and scales

27 May 2021

Food and health sector

How to join?

You can participate in Topic Talks panel discussions for free. Companies that want to host a separate workshop with selected students pay a fee of €250. NGOs and government organisations may host a workshop free of charge. Places are limited so we cannot guarantee all bookings. So be quick!

Book here

If your organisation is attending a Topic Talk, please make sure all your current recruitment opportunities are posted on our free online RSM Career Portal. You may also create an employer profile for €500. Please email Veronika Brantova via for more information.

Do you have any questions about the Topic Talks? Contact us via