‘Echt coole’ special effects in de nieuwe escaperoom van RSM



  • Eva Rood
    Role: Faculty
    Reference type: Quoted
  • Vladislav Vershinin
    Role: Faculty
    Reference type: Quoted
  • Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
    Role: General
    Reference type: Referenced

Media outlets

  • Erasmus Magazine (Online)


Eva Rood, director of the positive change initiative, Vladislav Vershinin, brand manager of the RSM, and the Rotterdam School of Management have been mentioned in an article. The article discusses the escape room of the RSM, located in Mandeville. It is built around the theme production and consumption and recycling. Eva Rood states that "during the brainstorm session we were looking for fun ways to reach our goals, and a student came with the idea of an escape room. The research for facts for the escaperoom has been carried out by students, and student-assistants review the escaperoom." Vladislav Vershinin states that "one of the major requirements is related to the materials. Approximately 85% of the space is build from recycled materials that we collected ourselves."