You can connect with RSM’s talented business students though tailored engagement opportunities, our career portal, online events, speed interviews, and other activities. Would you like to recruit these bright business talents from an internationally top-ranked, triple-accredited business school? Find out the various ways to interact with them to get to know them better.

Connect with our students

RSM Career Portal

Do you have a vacancy or business gap to fill? Recruit talented young professionals here. The RSM Career Portal is the first place where bachelor, master and MBA students and new graduates look for career opportunities, internships, and inspiration for their futures. They will expect to find your organisation as they search the vacancies and company profiles.

Post your vacancy

You can share your vacancy directly with this large pool of business brains to boost your organisation via the portal. It’s easy:

  • follow the instructions after you sign in or create an account
  • post your job or internship vacancy
  • we’ll check if it complies with the requirements
  • your posting will be online soon after that.

Adding your vacancy is free, and with a premium package you can also create a company profile for employer branding. You have a greater involvement and direct access to RSM students if your organisation has one of these recruitment partnership packages with RSM. If you have any questions or need help, please contact us.

Career Fairs

During the year RSM Career Centre organises two big events for Bachelor and Master students who are keen to explore the job market in your organisation or who are looking for an internship.

RSM Spring Speed Interviews - April 2024
The event brings our partner companies closer to our 7,682 bachelor and master students with a range of opportunities to meet and interact. You can connect with our students during speed interviews so you can fast-track your next hires.

The event consists of two days:

  • Speed interviews with 10 students between 10:00-16:00 CET 

International Career Event (part of the STAR Management Week) - November 2024
The International Career Event is a recruitment event which gives companies a great opportunity to network and connect with highly reputable international students.

The event consists of two days:

  • Fair in the afternoon between 12:00-16:00 CET
  • Speed interviews with 10 students between 10:00-16:00 CET

For both events there is always the opportunity to be a (main) sponsor. To know more about these opportunities, please reach out to our Employer Relations Managers.

Recruitment partnership

Find your future talent

Connecting with our students, meeting them and recruiting them is the way to bring fresh knowledge and thinking into your organisation. RSM’s students study a wide range of specialisms that cover every aspect of business and management.

Connecting with our students for your vacancies – internships, part-time jobs and career positions – means talking to some of the brightest and most international young business minds around. Our students are actively seeking their next steps in their professional development.

The benefits of a recruitment partnership with RSM 

  • Create your company profile and post unlimited vacancies, internships and side jobs.
  • Exclusive access to our CV Talent Bank so you can approach students directly.
  • Make your brand known to our students through events and promotions.

To learn more about our engagement opportunities and recruitment partnership packages, contact our Employer Relations Manager, Mrs. Satya Autar

Partnerships in action

Read how other organisations have developed and benefitted from their relationships with RSM students:

Event: Two-week Career Bootcamp brings recruiters and students together

Event: Company recruiters join online 'meet and greet' sessions with students

Event: Company partners at international career event

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International Consultancy Project - 2024

Boost your organisation with the fresh knowledge and innovative mindsets of talented business students. Through International Consultancy Projects (ICP), companies like yours have the opportunity to access quality student research about a specific area relevant to your business.

Why join?

  • Receive a relevant report or strategy for your company to use.
  • A team of international master students focus on your project for four months between September  - December 2024 for 1 day a week.
  • An RSM academic and company coach will guide and challenge the students.
  • Connect with top business students from around the world – for fresh ideas and recruitment opportunities.
  • Network with academia who can offer expert knowledge and ideas.

For companies: what’s needed?

  • A realistic description of an in-company problem or issue.
  • A company coach: someone who can communicate and work with the team for a maximum of half a day per week – this entails meetings with the students, reading their reports and providing them with feedback.
  • A fee of € 2000,- to cover administration costs and supervisory services with regards to the logistics and organisation of the consultancy project.
  • Please note: students do not get paid for the research, as the project is designed to be a learning experience. But out-of-pocket expenses such as telephone calls, mail, and (local) travel costs, are to be reimbursed by your company directly after the students have sent their declaration.

Experiences from students and companies


“I’ve have worked a couple of times with real companies earlier, but what distinguished this one was the sheer professionality of our company coaches, and the task we were assigned.” 

Company Coach

“The ICP gives us contact to highly motivated students and project content that can be applied to real life.”

The ICP has become a compulsory element in the MSc International Management/CEMS programme and the MSc BA Master in Management programme. Moreover, the ICP is offered optionally to MSc exchange students that visit RSM. A small impression of the ICP click here. This ICP was in partnership with the University of Sydney and Daimler.


31 July 2024: Deadline to register for participation
September 2024: Company briefing to kick-off project
December 2024: School presentation and final competition


We ask participating companies to pay € 2000,- (ex. VAT). 

Contact RSM Career Centre

For more information, please contact Ms Laura van Steenwijk or Mrs. Satya Autar

Topic Talks

Connect and share knowledge with talented young professionals to-be in one of our online Topic Talks. These are open and meaningful conversations about specific areas of business with RSM’s hands-on and motivated management students.

It is an easy way for your company or NGO to attract and eventually hire top business students for valuable internships, traineeships or even future employees.

Students can deepen their understanding of your business, learn more about the topic, and discover opportunities in the field.

Hear fresh and innovative ideas to boost your organisation in specific business areas.

Topic Talks format:

  • 45 minutes panel discussion with three to four company representatives
  • 45 minutes breakout: a networking opportunity for students and companies


More information