English online premaster

English online premaster

Congratulations on receiving an offer of admission for the English language premaster!

On August 31 2021 the online kick off will take place from 15.00h -18.00h.


Live online programme

  • 15.00h-15.45h: Zoom meeting which consists of a plenary Q&A session for all English Online Premaster students who are new to RSM
  • 16.00h-18.00h: Escape Room with your fellow Premaster students


This is the ultimate moment to get to know your fellow students and at the same time learn more about the various activities of STAR, the student association of Erasmus University.


Attendance at kick-off is mandatory

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, you cannot attend the mandatory kick off, please let us know by e-mail (premaster@rsm.nl).