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Part-time executive MBA Info Session Q&A session hosted by Lida Dimitriou, Recruitment & Admissions Manager Executive Programmes and Vasileios Zaravellas Associate Director of Sales and Admissions.
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How much study time will I need outside of class?

Executive MBA students will spend on average 15-20 hours per week outside of classroom hours. That includes study hours; time to work on your individual assignments; and calls or meetings with your study group members in preparation of your group assignments. That is an average number of hours – it varies per student and per course. Also, over time, you develop strategies to work more efficiently with your team mates, thus limiting the time you need to prepare for group assignments. A safe way to calculate it is the following: for every hour in class you need to spend three hours outside class.

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Wednesday, 16 September 2020

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Lida Dimitriou
Lida Dimitriou
Recruitment & Admissions Manager