Leadership development

Leadership development

Great leadership takes practice

Advancing as a leader is as much about practice as it is about theory. It’s as much about performance as it is about principles. It demands putting your ideas to the test in the real world. And that’s exactly what you’ll do in our Executive MBA programme.

The Personal Leadership Development Programme: A holistic approach

As a pioneer in leadership education, we’ve designed our curriculum around a holistic approach to management that we call Personal Leadership Development (PLD). It’s a big idea, but a simple approach. At RSM we believe that by incorporating leadership ideas and best practices into everything you do during your EMBA, you add a powerful dimension to your future as a leader in the professional world.

Leading knowledge
Our expert academics and professional coaches have their finger on the pulse of the latest knowledge and best practices coming from researchers all over the world. You’ll have access to all of it during your Executive MBA through the PLD, and by learning from the experts here at RSM in Rotterdam.

Leading in action
We believe in “Leadership in Action” at RSM. Throughout the EMBA programme, you will come to know your true strengths using custom assessment tools, personal reflection and 360-degree feedback sessions with your team of fellow EMBA participants. Then you will apply your managerial acumen and judgement through active lessons such as in-class exercises, simulations, group work, peer reviews and mentoring opportunities.

Leading support — personally and professionally
We’re a business school, but we’re far from cut-throat. That’s great for a busy executive like you. With our open and collaborative culture, you work one-to-one with faculty, staff and peers who can support you throughout the programme. And we mean it. If you need extra support in any way, you always have access to personal coaching and mentorship, always on your time.