Your Career

Your Career

RSM means big ROI.

We all speak the language, so let’s talk business. As a student, the time and resources you invest in your full-time Rotterdam MBA will generate returns throughout your career.

At RSM, we work tirelessly to help each student succeed after graduation. For one, we’re invested in you and your journey. The better you do out in the world, the stronger we all are as a professional community.

It’s a simple premise: our dream job is setting you up to land yours.

Find your path. Start at the center.
The Career Development Centre (CDC) is your main destination for career services. Arrange a meeting and our skilled coaches will get to know you and your goals—what kind of work you enjoy, where you want to live, what kind of work culture fits you the best, and much more.

Discover the RSM difference.
Once we’ve identified your goals, we’ll create an action plan to help you get there. Along the way, you’ll have access to a lot of career resources. Brush up on your interview techniques, improve your presentation skills and learn best practices for building your professional network.

A great business school should work hard to improve your career prospects. In Rotterdam, that’s exactly what we do for each and every one of our students.

What recruiters are looking for in MBAs - Hugo Barbosa Vazquez
What recruiters are looking for in MBAs - Hugo Barbosa Vazquez  
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